When Can I Start Exercise After A Breast Augmentation?

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If you are a fitness freak who just had breast augmentation surgery, you may want to continue your exercise routine. However, you need to know some specific instructions for doing exercise after breast augmentation surgery. Most of the patients inquire about the time after which they can resume their exercises post breast surgery.

For this purpose, awareness is essential so that you may not do something hazardous to yourself. You need to know that going back to the gym instantly after getting the surgery is dangerous for you. However, if you maintain exercise from low to high intensity, then you will get outstanding results. It also helps you to minimize the risks of scar tissues, infection, and the development of stretch marks.


How long after breast augmentation can I run?

You may start walking from the same day when you get your surgery. It is good and helps in the circulation of blood all over your body. However, it should only be to stay active. Short walks in your room are enough. This light exercise helps you in blood circulation and prevents the formation of blood clots in your body after the surgery. After spending almost 14 days successfully, you may initiate some intense cardio exercise. These exercises may include walking uphill or treadmill.

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How long after breast augmentation, can I lift weights?

Thirty days after your surgery, you may resume heavy lifting exercises such as weight lifting. After 40 to 45 days, you may resume your exercise routine to the fullest. During this time, you completely heal so that you can continue your exercise.

How long after breast augmentation can I swim?

You can swim only after proper recovery. Don’t swim before proper healing as it can create stretch marks or any other problems for you. Further, you can get assistance from your surgeon before going for heavy exercise or swimming.

When you get implants specifically under the muscles, you should avoid exercises that include chest movements such as push-ups. If you do so, then it may result in the displacement or dropping of the implants. Moreover, it would help if you listened to your body. If you do something that causes discomfort or swelling, then you should avoid it. Generally, you need to keep this rule in your mind that you should start exercising from the lower body parts and then move upward gradually.


In short, you should resume running, exercising, and swimming only after healing properly. Otherwise, it can cause problems for you and will affect your healing. You should consult with your surgeon before getting breast augmentation in Dubai. He will tell you after how long you can resume your workout routine.

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