How Long After a Breast Augmentation Can You Drive?

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If you are planning to undergo breast augmentation surgery then you must have lots of questions in your mind regarding procedure. These questions might be about the benefits, results and side effects of surgery. Nearly every woman who considers having breast augmentation surgery is concerned about the recovery period. After breast augmentation surgery, patients need to avoid physical activities including. Below given information will help you know how will be your recovery period and how long it will take to resume your daily activities including driving.

Patients are eager to return to their normal routine as soon as possible after breast augmentation. Most of the patients become able to resume their normal activities and driving in five to seven days after surgery. At this time, usually patients do not need taking any medications for pain and discomfort relief. If the patient is still taking certain medications, she should delay resuming driving. However, this time period varies from one patient to another depending on many different factors. It is better to discuss this issue with your plastic surgeon so that he can better guide you according to your case and condition.

Following the instructions of plastic surgeon has a great impact on when your become able to resume your activities. By following his instructions properly and strictly, you can speed up healing and recovery and make it more easy and comfortable. It is also important to know that before resuming driving, you should start with light physical activities like walking around in your room and home.

Being specific about driving, below given few things are helpful for you if you are wondering how long after breast augmentation surgery you can drive.

  • You should wait till your wounds heal properly. You need to arrange someone who can drive you to home after surgery because you will not be able to drive not only because of effect of anesthesia but also the delicate state of your wounds. Recently stitched incisions sites are prone to any sort of jarring movements.
  • If you want to quickly resume driving, you need to follow other instructions of your surgeon also. These instructions mostly include avoiding any strenuous physical activity like exercising, running, swimming and lifting heavy objects.
  • You should resume driving after your surgeon allows doing so. Otherwise, complications may be caused.

In short, breast augmentation surgery requires some time for complete healing and recovery but you can make it quick by following some important tips.

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