How Liposuction Helps In Buffalo Hump Removal?

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A ‘buffalo hump’ is a deformity that occurs due to the enlargement of dorsocervical or excess of fat on the upper back area and neck. This hump is generally linked with obesity and affects HIV patients, people using steroids, or having adrenal disease. People with the problem may try exercise and diet for countering it, but unfortunately, these options cannot fix the problem. It is due to the fat’s fibrous nature, which needs to be removed from the body. Surgery is an obvious option though it is highly invasive with extended downtimes. However, with advanced treatments, traditional surgery is not the only option for this problem. You can benefit from liposuction to get rid of the buffalo hump as well.

Let’s look in a little further to learn how liposuction helps in buffalo hump removal.

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What Is Buffalo Hump Liposuction?

Buffalo hump liposuction is an effective treatment for the removal of this deformity. Due to the procedure’s nature, it is performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon makes small incisions in the area to be treated. A cannula is then inserted to melt fat. Different technologies can be used for this purpose, including laser-based liposuction, ultrasound-assisted liposuction, and tumescent liposuction.

The liquefied fat is then sucked into a container through a cavity in the cannula. Usually, 2 incisions are utilized to remove fat from different angles. No more than five liters of fat are removed in a single procedure. At the end of the procedure, usually small stitches are made to close the incisions, with wounds healing in a short time. After the surgery, the dressing done on the treated area is removed almost 5-7 days after the procedure.

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Side effects and Downtime

It is an invasive procedure and has downtime and side effects associated with it. You will have bruising and swelling after the treatment for a while. You may be given medication for countering pain and the risk of infections. Your doctor may also give you some additional instructions; make sure that you follow them.

Ideally, you take at least one week off from work. The more you rest, the quicker you will recover and be able to continue your routine.

What About Results?

It may take a while for the swelling to entirely subside in the treated area, after which the final results become apparent. The outcome is generally fantastic, with the appearance of the hump completely gone in many cases. It will straighten up your posture and adds confidence to your overall personality.

If you have a buffalo hump and you feel that it is negatively affecting your personality, you should consider liposuction for this problem. The treatment is highly effective and can bring the desired outcome without forcing you to get surgery with extended downtime.

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In short, the liposuction procedure is very effective against buffalo hump and helps you in removing it. If you wish to learn more about the treatment or schedule an appointment with one of our doctors, fill in the form given below. We will reach out to you with all the pertinent information.

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