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Health Benefits of Breastfeeding

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Benefits of Breastfeeding

Pregnancy is the most important experience for a woman in her life and same is the case with breastfeeding. There are lots of women who don’t breastfeed their children but in fact they make a big mistake. Why? Because breastfeeding carries lots of benefits not only for babies but for moms also. Breast milk is an excellent form of nourishment for babies loaded with lots of antibodies and nutrients that boost the immune system and overall health of child. It seems like there is no end of benefits of breastfeeding because researchers discover more benefits for both mothers and children with every passing day. Here you will have a look on some of the benefits, which will obviously motivate you to breastfeed your child if you are not doing so or are planning not to.

Breastfeeding helps you restore iron:

It is normal for nearly all the women to experience absence of menstrual period for first 4 to 6 weeks after delivery but for those women who choose to breastfeed their child, this condition lasts twice as compared to those women who don’t breastfeed their child. Breastfeeding makes it easy and quick for mothers to restore iron which becomes deficient during pregnancy and labor.

Keeps your reproductive organs healthy:

Breastfeeding lowers your risk of breast, uterine and ovarian cancer. It may also lower your risk of osteoporosis, too. On the other hand, non-breastfeeding women have higher risks of these conditions because of repeated ovulatory cycles and exposure to higher levels of estrogen.

Reduces risk of diabetes, heart diseases, obesity and other health conditions:

Researches show that women who breastfeed their child for at least one year have 9% less risks of suffering from heart diseases, 20% less chances of having diabetes, 12% less chances of having high blood pressure and 19% less chances of having high levels of fat in blood. These benefits are not only for moms but breastfed babies have also less chances of suffering from heart diseases in adulthood.

Boosts immune system of baby:

If you breastfeed your child, he or she will have stronger immune system that is more flexible to bacteria, germs and viruses. Besides, boosting the immune system of child, breastfeeding also increases the positive benefits of vaccinations.

Helps you improve your overall life after pregnancy:

Breastfeeding has many aesthetic and emotional benefits also. Its burns extra calories you had during pregnancy and helping you lose weight faster. Furthermore, it is also natural and normal phenomenon that breastfeeding ties the mom and child emotionally.

In short, there is a long list of benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and child and their number is increasing day by day. While unfortunately, not all mothers are able to breastfeed their child, but those who feel motivated to breastfeed their child in early days, it goes easier for them later on.

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