Guide to Tummy Tuck Surgery

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Guide to Tummy Tuck Surgery

The following guide to tummy tuck surgery will explain the factors leading to a patient making them a liable candidate for tummy tuck surgery and the criteria to undergo that surgery. liposuction works best for those who practice exercise and a good diet on a regular basis since it boosts them towards their desired goal that is somehow unattainable through these normal ways.

Significant Weight Loss

Prospective patients who have lost a significant amount of weight may bask in benefits such as improved health, lower blood cholesterol and rejuvenated life. But in old age, when the skin loses its elasticity, massive weight loss can cause unappealing aesthetic side effects. Nothing harmful or health threatening just aesthetically the skin becomes loose where fat has disappeared from under resulting in sagging skin and folds or wrinkles along the thighs, arms, abdomen and face. Muscle tone is another factor affected through excessive weight loss in the middle age. Since the body healing and growth processes have become slower usually only little improvement takes place. This contributes to self-consciousness, decreased confidence and insecurity that can affect the mental health of patient and the quality of their social/personal life. Sometimes mental health becomes so hardly affected that people lose their rigorously built lifestyles and regain the weight they have lost through all this effort. Tummy tuck surgery is a way to augment the results that are gained through natural weight loss processes and giving the patient the look they expected and desire.

The Aging Process

As explained above the natural ageing process (with a little help from gravity) does also result in loose hanging skin because the skin gradually loses its natural elasticity and the muscles become structurally weaker in everyone. For some it may happen later or may occur at a slower rate but it happens to everyone as they age. Time has a profound impact on the abdominal area resulting in the commonly observed flabby midsection seen in men and women of middle age and above. Again this is a source for self-consciousness and insecurity as people lose their feeling of fitness with age. A tummy tuck surgery in this case can have a profound effect on the physical and mental health of an old age patient. On the whole a middle aged patient of tummy tuck surgery can enjoy tightened and toned abdominal features making them feel and look younger again.


Genetic also play a role in patient’s abdominal aesthetic behavior. There are different body shapes that dictate where fat is genetically predisposed to be stored in individual patients. Even though abdominal flab may be related to lifestyle and pregnancy it is also mostly not dictated by a person’s level of fitness and sporting activities. People as young as 25 to 35 years of age tend to face this problem resulting in unattractive “roundness”. But fortunately for those people such unwanted fat deposits can be treated by cosmetic surgery. The most important part of getting a surgery is to discuss your aesthetic goals and communicate your motives to get abdominoplasty so that the doctor can determine why and how much do you need abdominoplasty. Which brings us to the final topic; candidacy!


The ideal candidate for tummy tuck surgery is an adult as close as possible to their ideal weight and who lead healthy lives but face mental, social and personal problems with how their body shape looks like due to stubborn (not affected by dieting or exercise) fat deposits or loose skin in the abdominal area.

  • Patients are preferred to be in good physical health and are mentally stable
  • Have realistic expectations from surgery
  • Carry localized fat deposits in the abdominal area
  • Suffer from skin laxity and folds of deep tissue around their midsection
  • Are motivated to maintain their results continuing healthy dieting and exercise
  • Candidates are told to abstain from smoking and alcohol intake for at least a month before surgery so that it doesn’t interfere with healing
  • Patients shouldn’t be suffering from threatening medical conditions that can be compromised through surgery
  • Female patients should be past their time of getting pregnant again and have decided to bear no more children since it can cause a reversal in the results attained from surgery. Plan to become pregnant
  • Patients should not be planning to lose excessive volume of weight after surgery
  • Patients should be obligated to undergo the procedure by someone else, since it is surely elective in nature

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