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Rhinoplastynose surgery – is among top five most frequently performed cosmetic surgeries. It is the most effective way to make alterations in the shape and size of nose to enhance it. Rhinoplasty can be performed for both the purposes either to improve the appearance of nose aesthetically or to correct the functional defects like breathing problems by improving the structure of nose. These days, this procedure is gaining popularity for its use as an aesthetic procedure. This is because nose is the central part of our face and having disproportional and unattractive nose can affect our whole appearance. This is the reason that most of the people, who are unsatisfied with the shape and size of their nose, consider nose surgery for improvement.

Though nose surgery is very effective cosmetic procedure, everyone can’t be the candidate for the procedure. Your surgeon will examine you before the procedure and approves your candidacy for the procedure and guides you about the alterations that are required to get desired results. Here are some general factors that can make you the candidate for the procedure.

  • You feel your nose is too small or too big as compared to rest of your facial features.
  • Your nose bridge is uneven and is having bumps on it.
  • Your nose is too wide.
  • Your nose tip is enlarged, droopy or is protruding.
  • You have excessively pinched or flared nostrils.
  • Your nose is crooked or is off-center.
  • Your nose is asymmetrical due to some injury.
  • You are having breathing problems due to deformed nose structure – deviated septum or some other related problem.

You should not expect unreal or dramatic results from the procedure but it can significantly improve its appearance by modifying size and shape. In some cases, surgeons also recommend having chin implants along with nose surgery “Rhinoplasty to get better improvement. You can achieve following goals after undergoing this procedure.

  • Narrowed bridge of nose.
  • Narrowed or widened nostrils.
  • Straightened crooked nose.
  • Improved tip of nose.
  • Improved angle between upper lips and nose.

Most of the people consider nose surgery an easy procedure but it is not so, the procedure is quite complex and may also require additional surgery in some cases or result in even worse outcomes. However, if you select an experienced cosmetic surgeon for the procedure, you will surely get the perfect results. Nose surgery has various types and your surgeon can recommend you the best suitable one. The main steps involved in the procedure are making incisions, making alterations in the nose and closing the incisions. The alterations that are made during the procedure are removal of excess skin tissues and cartilage, repositioning of skin tissues and cartilage grafting. The procedure of nose surgery is quite critical but if it is performed correctly, it gives perfect results.

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