Get Rid of Hanging Skin with Thigh Lift

Get Rid of Hanging Skin with Thigh Lift

People may feel uncomfortable due to the loose and hanging skin around their thighs that don’t do well for their body contours. Such people wish to undergo cosmetic surgery to improve their self-image and move confidently in their social circles. Also, people who have undergone sudden and massive weight loss will experience sagging thighs that can only be treated permanently through a thigh lift procedure.

The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is mostly a personal one, which only a patient and his/her surgeon will understand. However, if you want to get rid of the sagging skin on your thighs then opt for thigh lift surgery.

How to prepare for a thigh lift?

  • Abstain from smoking and alcohol 4 weeks prior to the operation.
  • Stop your intake of vitamin and herbal supplements, anticoagulants, aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications.
  • Get your physical examination and blood tests are done before surgery.
  • Drink a sufficient amount of water on the night before surgery.
  • The operation is conducted in the presence of local anesthesia and mild intravenous sedation. Some patients prefer general anesthesia where they remain asleep throughout the procedure, but they have to be cleared for it since there are complications associated with general anesthesia such as nausea and slow rate of recovery.

Outer Thigh Lift

An outer thigh lift is performed to remove excess hanging skin below the hips. Incisions for this approach are made close to the hip bone in the buttocks area. Meanwhile, if the patient is undergoing a tummy tuck then the same incision for the tummy tuck is prolonged to that area. This technique is called an extended tummy tuck.

Right before surgery, the surgeon will mark out the areas of incision on your body in front of a full-sized mirror while you are still conscious. Excess skin is pinched and outlined throughout the treatment area. Incisions are made strategically below the underwear line so that they remain disguised until they fade away with time. Patients will probably be advised to bring along their favorite swimsuit to make sure the incision is made in the most suitable way & area possible.

Inner Thigh Lift

In this approach, the pubic area is to be shaved to ensure that the area is as smooth as possible and there is no possibility of infection through body hairs. This is the beginning of the treatment which is to be conducted in the most germ-free and sterile environment possible. The surrounding pubic areas of the pelvis and anus are sterilized with Betadine swabbing. It is mandatory to sterilize the area of operation but for this procedure, it is preferred that adjacent areas are sterilized too.

Prior to surgery, the marking is made along the inner thigh indicating incision locations and estimating the amount of skin to be removed. Once the anesthesia kicks in, the incisions are made in the crease of the pelvic area. Following that skin is pinched and tightened after directing it towards the groin area.


A thigh lift is a detailed surgical procedure that removes the sagging and loose skin from the thighs. It can be performed in two ways i.e. inner thigh lift and outer thigh lift. However, which approach is beneficial for you? Only an expert cosmetic surgeon can tell that after examining your body. The results produced by thigh lift are permanent and can restore your confidence greatly.

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