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Nearly everyone tries his or her best to have desirable figure and contour by indulging their self in exercises and dieting etc. but mostly some issues remain unsolved like bulging tummy but cosmetic surgery providing the solution to a number of other problems also provides a solution to excessive fat in the abdomen area. Tummy tuck is the procedure that can effectively remove excessive fat and skin from your tummy making it tight and smooth and you can get effective surgery for tummy tuck in Dubai .

Let’s know what tummy tuck exactly can do for you and what are its pros and cons. Tummy tuck is referred to as abdominoplasty and as the name suggests, it is helpful in flattening the bulging abdomen and removes excessive skin and fat. Tummy tuck is the best suitable procedure for those who has lost weight, undergone pregnancy, have bulging tummy in heredity, or have got sagginess in tummy area due to aging. Tummy tuck can no doubt provide you with more attractive midsection of your body.

To provide attractive abdomen aesthetically, there are some factors that a good plastic surgeon considers. These features are:

        • Tightened skin
        • Flat abdomen having good tone of muscles
        • Navel without upper hooding
        • Absence of scars and stretch marks

      Following conditions can make you good candidate for tummy tuck:

              • If you are having excessive fat and tissues in midsection of your body.
              • If you have got realistic expectations and you don’t want dramatic results at once.
              • If you are not expecting pregnancy in coming future.
              • If you do not smoke, you are having stable weight and good health.

      Tummy tuck can be performed in two types including:

              • Full tummy tuck – procedure in which along with removing excessive skin, muscles are also tightened and belly new belly button is made as it is removed in the surgery.
              • Mini tummy tuck – in this type of tummy tuck, just excessive saggy skin is removed from tummy area.

      Tummy tuck is a complete surgery and is performed under general anesthesia. Procedure of liposuction is used contour the tummy area. Procedure of tummy tuck includes making incision in the lower abdomen and around the belly button. Then excessive skin and tissues are removed and incisions are made closed. As tummy tuck is a surgical procedure involving incisions, scars are also left behind but these scars are designed aesthetically to make them minimal visible. After tummy tuck, gauze dressing is used and drains are placed. Medications are also prescribed after procedure to provide you comfort.

      Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is offering services of highly qualified cosmetic surgeons for tummy tuck treatment but still it is recommended to have detailed consultancy with surgeon to know about the benefits and effects and pros and cons of surgery.

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