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Liposuction astutely tailors body shape

Getting a smart & perfect body figure is a dream for all people. If you are also among those, then you should be more than happy by knowing that laser liposuction can help you in fulfilling this dream. Not everyone can able to get back in ideal shape using common methods, for example, dieting and exercise. We have gathered information from our experts to help you out in making a better decision!

What is Laser Liposuction?

Laser liposuction in Dubai is the modern method to get rid of stubborn fat. It is a fat removal technique that helps to remove extra fat deposits and reshaping your body. This modern technology can easily melt down the extra fatty tissues. The procedure is not costly and has many advanced treatment facilities. It is extensively used in procedures of post-weight loss in Dubai. This treatment can be done on multiple parts or in one area.

Most advanced types of laser liposuction

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is providing the most up-to-date and latest techniques of liposuction which are less invasive. Also, you will get a faster recovery than the other procedures.

GPS laser liposuction

This is the latest technique that removes and melts the fat with the help of GPS mapping. It makes the possibilities of trauma or burns a minimum.

VASER liposuction

This is another latest type of liposuction in which ultrasound waves are used to extricate and break the fat which is throw out using a cannula.

Body jet liposuction

This most advanced technique of liposuction involves inserting a liquid with a saline solution to break the fat which disposes of by the injected solution.

A safe and sound procedure

This is an effective & safe procedure that helps to solve the minor problems of your body. Surgeons can provide the patient with their desired shape. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is giving great results at an affordable rate. Cutting-edge equipment, outstanding facilities, board-certified, and experienced plastic surgeons, and the qualified and skillful staff are working together to provide outstanding outcomes.

Liposuction Procedure

The time of surgery differs from patient to patient relying on the selected method and level of surgery. This procedure involves the following steps:

  • First of all, local anesthesia is administered.
  • Your surgeon will create small unobtrusive incisions at a few places in the treatment area.
  • Local anesthesia is injected inside the treatment part to decrease the risk of trauma and bleeding.
  • After this, a small cannula – called a thin deep tube – will be placed in through incisions. This cannula will help to remove the extra fat.
  • The broken fat will be throw away using a vacuum or syringe attached to the cannula.
  • Lastly, cuts will be stitched and absorbent bandages will be placed on wounds.


This procedure will provide you a shaped and contoured body as a result. You can get a natural appearance and long-lasting contoured body as long as you maintain your weight. This is a simple, easier and safer procedure so, all people can undergo this treatment. With the help of this procedure, you can turn your saggy skin into tightened and toned skin. There are no severe side effects and you can easily get your desired body shape. The procedure is totally effective and safe and can be performed in multiple parts of the body.

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