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Get Bigger and Natural Looking Breasts with Breast Augmentation

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Get Bigger and Natural Looking Breasts with Breast Augmentation

Breasts are important assets for females and every women wants to have fuller breasts having proper shape and size in proportion to rest of the body features. But what about those women who have under developed and under sized breasts? If you are also the one, you will obviously be desiring to make them fuller. For this purpose, you might have also tried various methods like exercises, massage, natural remedies, creams, pills and much more. Do these methods really work? Of course no or if they do, they are not much effective and take long time to show results. Here are most effective and quick methods for breast augmentation in Dubai to get fuller and bigger breasts.

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is one of the renowned and trusted clinic offering breast augmentation in Dubai. Three methods for breast augmentation that are not only effective and quick but also give natural looking results are given below.

Breast augmentation through implants:

Breast augmentation surgery or use of implants for breast augmentation is very popular among women for last several years. In this procedure, your breasts are enhanced to desired shape and size by inserting implants. There are two types of implants used for this purpose that are silicone and saline implants but silicone implants are most commonly used. It is a surgical procedure and incisions are made to insert implants in the breasts. However, there are several techniques for making incisions and each latest technique made the scar invisible by hiding it. There are some side effects associated with the surgery that are temporary and severe side effects can be avoided by having breast augmentation by an experienced surgeon. There are some post-surgical instructions given by surgeon that speed up the recovery.

Breast augmentation through fat transfer:

Those women who don’t want to go under the knife for surgical procedure, fat transfer is best option for breast augmentation. In this procedure, your own body fat is used to improve the size and shape of your breasts. Fat is taken from areas having excessive fat like abdomen and legs and is transferred to breast area. Both shape and size of breasts can be improved through this procedure and it gives natural results. Furthermore, this procedure can also be used if your breasts are asymmetric in size or shape. Procedure of fat transfer for breast augmentation provides you following benefits.

  • Using your own body fat is safe, risk free and more natural way to improve your breasts.
  • Fat transfer also contours your body besides augmenting breasts as fat is removed from areas having excessive fat.
  • No cuts and incisions are involved and time required for recovery is less than required by breast augmentation surgery.
  • It is a permanent solution while implants need replacement.

Breast augmentation through macrolane injections:

Macrolane injections are more easy and simple method to improve size of breasts even than fat transfer. The only con of this method is that it is expansive as compared to other two methods. Macrolane injections are in fact hyaluronic acid fillers that give volume to the breasts and improve their shape. Macrolane injections are also safe and quick alternative of breast augmentation surgery but they are even less painful as compared to fat transfer. This is because the procedure for macrolane injections just involves injecting filler in the breast area to give them volume.

All the above given are effective methods for breast augmentation in Dubai and at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery experienced surgeons perform them avoiding any risks and giving optimal results.

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