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Better Body Shape

Fat transfer is the procedure that is effective for various areas of body and is done for the purpose of giving volume to these areas. The procedure is done by taking fat from one area of body and injecting them to the one that requires it. Most of the people who want improvement in certain area of body by giving it volume opt for this procedure. The most important benefit of this procedure is that in this procedure the area from where fat is taken is also contoured. Here you will come to know what areas can be treated by this procedure and how this procedure can improve your body.

During the procedure of fat transfer, fat is taken from areas having excess fat like abdomen and thighs with the help of liposuction and is injected in the areas lacking volume like face, hands, breasts and buttocks. Most of the people prefer this procedure on other methods because it is safe, well tolerated and long lasting and there are minimum chances of any risks or complications because your own body fat is used in this procedure. All the people who undergo successful fat transfer procedure are pleased with the results of procedure. You can choose the procedure of fat transfer if you have any of following issues.

  • There are wrinkles and creases on your facial skin and facial areas like cheeks are sunken and have lost volume.
  • If you want more permanent solution as compared to dermal fillers that are temporary.
  • You want to improve the shape and contour of your body, remove scars and to rejuvenate body by filling in the depressions on face and hands.
  • This procedure can also be used to give volume to the breasts or in conjunction with breast implants.

In short, fat transfer or fat injections is a safe and easy way to give volume to areas that have lost volume and on the other hand, it is also effective for losing fat from areas having excess of it. This procedure is a safe alternative of procedures like implants and fillers. Fat transfer – as a volume enhancing treatment – can no doubt give you amazing results by improving your body contour but you should select highly experienced practitioner for this.

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