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Fat injections

With aging, lots of changes occur on the body and skin and the first place that suffers from aging process is the face. Facial skin becomes saggy, wrinkles and creases start appearing on it and face loses its youthful contours. But there are helpful cosmetic procedures also available to get rid of all these problems. Fat injections are one of the cosmetic procedures that are safe and convenient method for rejuvenation of face. Besides reducing wrinkles and creases and diminishing acne scarring, fat injections are also effective for plumping up the lips and enhancing facial fullness by filling in sunken areas and building up the shallow contours making it more youthful.

Unlike cosmetic injectable fillers, fat injections are made from synthetic products and do not cause any allergic reactions. This is because patient’s own body fat tissues are used for synthesis of these injections. They do not stop aging process but they can really help in delaying the need of invasive cosmetic surgeries like face lift and eyebrow lift. Furthermore, they can also be used as an additional procedure with cosmetic surgeries giving beneficial results. Though your cosmetic surgeon determines whether you are the candidate for the procedure or not but fat injections can be a good option for you if you think your facial contours need improvement, you are physically healthy and you have realistic expectations with the procedure.

Fat injection is relatively more extensive procedure than injecting other cosmetic dermal fillers. This is because liposuction technique is involved in it, which is used to extract fat that will be injected in the treatment area. It is non-surgical procedure and requires local anesthesia only. However, if large quantities of fat are needed to be extracted, it may require local anesthesia with sedation. The procedure is performed on outpatient basis and usually takes 30 minutes to an hour and sometimes more depending on the requirement of fat to be injected. The most common areas from where fat is extracted are abdomen, hips and thighs. A needle or extremely small cannula is used for this purpose. After taking fat, it is purified in centrifuge and is then injected in the treatment area with the help of needle.

You will get immediate results but the treatment area will have little bit swelling which will subside over the time. Generally half of the injected fat is absorbed by the body in three to six months and therefore follow up is required to get long lasting results.

In short, fat injections are a non-surgical, safe and effective procedure for improvement of facial contours.

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