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Facial Surgery

Before undergoing facial surgery, one should make one’s mind clear regarding all its aspects. It is necessary as it can result in changing your appearance completely. There are two main reasons behind doing this operation. You may be subjected to it either for a reconstitution purpose or for a change in appearance only.

It is also called as Rhytidectomy. In this type of surgery, the underlying muscles of skin of the face are tightened. After this, the skin is reshaped. This surgical process gives you a youthful look. As a result, the texture of the skin is also improved.

Sometimes it is aided with other surgical procedures like a Browlift or an eyelid surgery. You can also make a Rhinoplasty or a neck lift along with it.

It is a good countering procedure against aging process. Moreover, one should make sure that there should be present some elasticity in the skin. It is a necessary component of this cosmetic surgery. The main advantage of this process is that it can be performed at the age of eighty.

No doubt, it takes time to heal but after this it gives you genuine results. It makes you look younger and ultimately your self-confidence is automatically enhanced. In addition, it should be kept in mind that after adopting this technique, your skin may be in a situation that it needs another facial surgery years later. One such treatment is sufficient for a time period of 7-10 years.

The main focus of this surgery is to lift the mid skin of the face and to lessen the sagging skin of lower face. In addition, the excessive skin in the jaw and chin region is also trimmed. As a result, the toning of skin of face is also obtained.

If you accompany this procedure with a Browlift then you will feel younger. The main reason behind this is too see appropriately. If it is not done, then it can result in hooding of the upper eye lid in front of eyes. This is why, most of the times surgeons prescribe the lifting of eye brows along with this cosmetic surgery. The creases on the forehead are also reduced. This is an additional benefit in case of such a surgery.

If you want to carry out this with lesser invasion, then facial liposuction is the best option available. In this technique, the extra fatty tissues are removed from the skin. The skin of the chin area is also trimmed in facial liposuction.

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