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Facial Augmentation Through Fat Transfer

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Facelift Surgery in Dubai

Facial augmentation in Dubai through fat transfer is a procedure used to enhance some of your facial features like the chin, jaw and cheeks. This can be done due to restore fullness due to extreme weight loss, birth defects, prior surgery gone wrong or just to improve one’s looks and facial contours.

Facial augmentation in Dubai procedures that involve fat transfer are usually the safest, less invasive and more natural. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, our facial augmentation procedures such as cheek augmentation in Dubai and chin augmentation in Dubai are mostly done using the safest method, which is fat transfer, but if you prefer implants, they are also available.

The Procedure:

Before starting on the procedure, you will have to visit the surgeon for a consultation on the areas you want augmented on your face. He/she will examine you so as to know what kind of facial augmentation in Dubai you will need.

After pinpointing the particular area or areas, the surgeon will check your medical history to make sure you are a fine candidate for the procedure. If everything checks out, you will get an appointment for the procedure. It will either be done in the doctor’s office or at a hospital, since it is an outpatient procedure, meaning you will not stay overnight.

If you have under developed or flat cheek bones, chin or jaws, then by going for the respective facial augmentation in Dubai, you will get a more defined and structured features giving your face a new shape and outline. The surgeon performing this procedure will harvest fat through liposuction in Dubai from areas where you have excess fatty tissue like the abdomen, hips or buttocks then use it to fill up your cheeks.

A local anaesthesia will be administered before the procedure. This process takes less than one hour, and then you will be free to go home hence the term ‘outpatient procedure’. The same will happen with your chin. The amount of time for the procedure will depend on the area of the face being augmented.

After the Surgery:

After the procedure at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, you will be required to go home, where you will have a downtime of about one week. You will have a bit of swelling and bruising on the areas which will last for a day or two. The areas where the fat was harvested will also take up to a week to get back to normal, although it will look a bit slimmer since fat was removed from that area.

The results will be seen immediately because your face will appear fuller and more defined. Also your face will look more natural with less to zero scarring.

For more information on facial augmentation in Dubai at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, get in touch with us by phone or fill the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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