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Make Face Slimmer and Narrow

Plastic surgeons more than often get to encounter such patients who are not satisfied with how the shape of their face looks like. In this case its most commonly observed that they are usually referring to their facial transverse width. Many of these patients would like a slimmer face with a decreased transverse breadth. Ostensibly the individuals turn towards plastic surgeons in hopes of getting a facelift in order to address the ‘issue’. But it is one of the common misconceptions regarding plastic surgery that a regular face-lift may alter the shape of the face. It is very common for plastic surgeons to make the face look younger but drastic change in facial structure such as face thinning surgery is still a far more complicated procedure that hasn’t been theorized yet.

A facelift treatment is a specific cosmetic procedure that is only explored where other non-invasive techniques wouldn’t suitably address any given problem which could be aesthetic or functional in method. It mainly involves stretching loose skin, tightening muscles and underlying dermal tissues. Additionally smart liposculpture procedures can be performed in the subcutaneous layer while pigmentations and wrinkles would be treated by laser, collagen fillers or other injectable. With all those methods and re-draping of the skin over the underlying structure, surgeons manage to achieve the youthful look that plastic surgery is famous for.

Most of the aesthetic aspect of surgery is evaluated and predicted before the procedure since there is no gold standard to treating individually varying demographics of patients. Patients who are concerned with anatomic deformity on the facial skeletal structure may usually require extensive surgery which has a whole different complication-to-benefit ratio. Due to this fact of overstepping medical limits, such procedures are not undertaken on a commercial scale.

What a surgeon may however do is to treat and disguise functional or cosmetic features on the fleshy facial tissues. A few of the procedures that can be done for instance is micro liposcultpure on cheek and jaw tissues. Chiseling of bones in the forehead, nose or jaw or other slight changes in facial features can make you seemingly have a thinner face.

Fillers can be injected into sub-dermal tissue to augment underlying facial tissues and the results are quite longstanding. Another procedure that can be performed is the removal of the buccal fat that is contained within the cheeks making the face width look slimmer and more refined. These methods are not very frequently utilizes since they require extensive skill and surgery. If used, they are only maintained so as to achieve minimal improvement in facial shape.

People can be mostly pleased with however they are but some other people are more self-conscious and despite being young or old would opt to change the shape of their cheeks if they could. Buccal fat exist on the lower side of the cheek. Chubby cheeks can form due to obesity or may even be inherited. Cheek reduction surgery can be performed as a solution to for those looking to get a shallower more chiseled look rather than chubby cheeks.

If you are among those concerned with the way their facial aesthetics look like, then you are more than welcome to sign up for a consultation with our board of experts. You will receive a free consultation simply by sending in a short form with your basic information in order to receive evaluation and formulate a suitable treatment plan for face thinning surgery.

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