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Hollywood is known for lots of things and one of the most important things that get the media attention is the obsession of Hollywood celebrities with cosmetic surgery, especially the facelifts. Elite class and Hollywood celebrities were the most common clients for facelifts a few years back because this procedure was considered an option for those people only who could consider having expensive surgery. You can point out a number of celebrities who had facelifts and other cosmetic surgery procedures to look naturally and remarkably young. However, gone are the days, when undergoing cosmetic surgery was the choice of our hot favorite celebrities only?

Today, having facelift surgery has become common in persons who get impressed by their favorite celebrities who had undergone cosmetic surgery procedures. There is nothing wrong in idealizing your hot favorite movie stars and perhaps this is one of the main reasons that facelifts are becoming continuously popular in average persons. Furthermore, a few years back, when facelifts were expensive, it was really difficult for an average person to find out a reputable clinic and highly experienced and qualified plastic surgeon. Today, there are lots of options available for you for having a facelift to look younger and great. Latest techniques have made the procedure minor surgery now and the prolonged recovery time is also reduced.

The facelift is the cosmetic surgery procedure that can make your face more beautiful and younger-looking by improving visible signs of aging on the face and neck area. Though there are various techniques for facelift surgery that can be tailored depending on your requirements, the common problems that facelift can address include?

  • Deep wrinkles below your eyes
  • Loss of volume and sagginess in the middle area of your face
  • Deep lines beside your nose extending to the mouth
  • Loss of fat affecting the contours of the face
  • Sagging skin creating jowls
  • Sagging skin and excess fat deposits below the chin

Facelift surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. Your surgeon will determine the site for making incisions depending on the technique that is suitable according to your requirements. After making incisions, the skin is lifted, fat is either repositioned or removed and then incisions are closed after removing excess skin. Facial implants and fat transfer or resurfacing techniques can enhance the results. After recovering from the procedure, you will get the younger-looking and beautiful facial appearance.

In short, facelifts are not only the choice of Hollywood celebrities but is also frequently performed on average persons and if you are planning to look more fresh and young through a facelift in Dubai, book an appointment with the experienced plastic surgeon.

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