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Face-lift – What you can expect

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Face-lift expectation

Aging signs are inevitable and they do occur but the first place that shows them is face. There are some other factors like gravity, exposure to the sun and unhealthy routine and diet that speed up the process. The most common and unsightly signs of aging are sagging skin, loss or transfer of fat from one area to other and appearance of creases and lines that, slowly and gradually, become more deep and prominent. There are lots of methods to delay their occurrence or reduce them. They include natural home remedies, topical creams, cosmetic treatments and even surgeries. Face lift in Dubai is the only procedure that can rejuvenate face by improving all the aging signs even when they are very prominent. The procedure can give you beneficial results even if you are in your 50’s or 60’s. Know what you can expect from the procedure.

Face lift is the surgical procedure in which incisions are made, excessive skin is removed, tissues are repositioned and the skin is stitched again. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. The techniques used for the procedure vary depending on the problems to be addressed. Traditional facelift is done to improve the appearance of whole face including double chin or neck. This surgery is comparatively complex and involves long incisions. On the other hand mini facelift or mid facelift is performed on middle area of face and focuses on the cheek area specifically. Limited incisions are made in this procedure. You should consult highly experienced surgeon for the surgery and only he can guide you about selecting the best suitable technique also.

What you can expect after procedure? As face lift is an invasive procedure, it does cause some side effects and requires time period of several days for complete healing and recovery. However, the severity of side effects and the time they require to subside completely vary from patient to patient. Some common side effects, you can expect after are surgery, are swelling, bruising and slight pain. In order to make your recovery period comfortable, you need to follow your surgeon’s instructions. You can expect taking medications and making slight changes in your routine during recovery.

Just after the procedure, you will be having bandages and dressings on your face and neck that will be removed in couple of days. It is recommended to avoid smoking and alcohol both before and after surgery because they can delay healing of wounds.

In short, above given are some common things you can expect about face-lift surgery. However, as every person is not the same, your surgeon will guide you correctly about all the factors associated with surgery depending on your condition.

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