Eyelid Surgery Recovery and After Care

eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery is also known as Blepharoplasty, it is a surgical procedure that removes fat around the eyes and eliminates the aging signs from your upper and lower eyelids. Like all other surgeries, Blepharoplasty also involves a recovery period that can be made smooth with proper aftercare. Before going in for the surgery you should be fully aware of what to expect after the surgery. You should also know, how long the recovery period will be and how you can take care of yourself during that period.

Eyelid Surgery Recovery and After Care

For your ease, we have decided to explain the recovery phase and the aftercare instructions for eyelid surgery in today’s blog. 

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What to expect immediately after the eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery is typically done on an outpatient basis or on an overnight stay in a hospital. Swelling and redness are expected around the incision areas and sometimes the eyes tear excessively. An ointment is provided to deal with any sort of dryness that occurs in the eye and this may cause the vision of the patient to be blurred temporarily. Sensitivity to light is also expected.

Recovery Period 

Patients may think of the recovery period as a long and depressing phase especially when they take a look at their swollen and bruised faces. This should not dampen their spirit because, within a few weeks, they will start to notice the change in their appearance. The eyes will start to look more alert and younger, giving the patient an overall radiant look and whole new confidence.

Length of the Recovery Period

Eyelid surgery recovery time takes several weeks. The stitches are removed within two to three days and lots of rest is needed in the first week. The swelling and redness which occur after the procedure fade with time and any form of exertion that may increase blood flow to the eyes is to be avoided.

Care For Blepharoplasty

After the surgery, the eyelids usually feel tight and sore, though the soreness can be treated by analgesics. To keep the incisions lubricated for the first couple of days after the eyelid surgery, an ointment is typically used. Eye drops are used to prevent the eyes from drying out and cold compresses are used to reduce the swelling.

Avoiding activities that may dry up the eyes is vital during the recovery period. Such activities include watching tv, reading books, using a computer or wearing contacts. Elevating the head as much as possible also helps in minimizing bruising and swelling.

Post-treatment Instructions

The stitches are normally removed between two to seven days after the eyelid surgery procedure. Patients usually resume normal day-to-day activities after about ten days.

  • Dark glasses are recommended for the first few weeks after eyelid surgery to protect the eyes from irritation caused by the sun and wind.
  • Patients are advised to take naps frequently during the recovery period.
  • Activities that increase blood flow to the eyes such as lifting, bending, sporting and also crying should be avoided for the first four weeks after the eyelid surgery. The doctor will inform the patients when such activities should be resumed.


Hence, eyelid surgery is the best option for all those individuals who are looking for a treatment that removes the fats around their eyes and droopiness of the eyelids. After seeing the results, the patients will be glad that they chose to undergo eyelid surgery in the first place. Its recovery period might be long but with proper aftercare, you can make it smooth and quick. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is offering eyelid surgery at its clinic. They have some of the best cosmetic surgeons who have performed various successful surgeries. You can schedule a free consultation with the experts to know more about the treatment results, recovery, and aftercare.