Effects Of Smoking On Breast Augmentation Results

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Invisible scar breast augmentation is one of the top most demanded and popular procedures. This procedure is highly effective and beneficial for the women who have naturally small breasts or have lost the volume and shape of their breasts as a result of aging, pregnancy and gravity. Breast augmentation efficiently improves the size and shape of your breasts and improves the overall contour of your body. The procedure results in not only physical improvement but also the boost in self esteem and confidence if performed correctly and desired results are availed.

We often associate the success level in the results of cosmetic surgical procedures with the expertise and qualification of plastic surgeons but did you ever think about other factors that can play part in ruining the results of the procedure? Your answer might be no and this is the fact that patients often don’t care about some factors that might not be important for them but these small factors can greatly affect the results of the surgery. These factors may make the results highly successful or ruin them. During the consultation and after the surgery, your surgeon guides you about a number of important steps you need to take during the recovery period. Quitting smoking is one of the least important for a number of patients but smoking significantly affects the results of not only breast augmentation surgery but all the other surgical procedures also. Let’s have a look how it affects breast augmentation results.

Nearly all the surgeons usually recommend their patients to quit smoking for nearly two weeks both before and after the surgery. This habit can increase the risks of severe complications for the breast augmentation surgery. If you really want to get highly successful and desired results, you will have to quit smoking.

Let’s know how smoking can be damaging for you. A single cigarette can become the reason of tightening of small vessels in the skin for about fifty minutes. This tightening affects the wound healing leading to more complications. The chances of wound edge separation, infections and hypertrophic scar are much more in active smokers than the non smokers.

Smoking also becomes the reason of decrease in the amounts of elastin in the skin which is an important ingredient for keeping the skin elastic. Over the time, this will cause noticeable wrinkling on the breast skin. The risk of capsular contracture that distorts the breast implants is also more in the smokers as compared to non smokers. Smoking can also cause collapse of small air spaces in the lungs after anesthetic.

 Though it is normally recommended to quit smoking for nearly two weeks before and after the surgery but it is ideal to stop smoking for minimum of six weeks before surgery and permanently after the surgery to maintain the best results of procedure and tone of tissues over the time.

In short, smoking is an important factor that can affect the results of the cosmetic surgery badly though it is not given much importance.

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