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Effects of Chin enhancement and dimple formation

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Often people do not give importance to chin but the shape and size of chin also affects the whole appearance of face. If it is well defined and proportional to rest of the facial features, it will make you look more attractive and beautiful. If you also think your chin does not have desired shape or size, you can get it improved. Yes, it is the fact that now you can enhance the appearance of your chin through chin enhancement surgery. Similarly, if we talk about your cheeks, do you want to make them more attractive too? Even if you have perfectly contoured cheekbone, you can do so. How? Through dimple creation. You must have heard that those people who have dimples in their cheeks look more attractive and beautiful and their smile is amazing. So, if you want to make your smile more attractive, you can go for the procedure of dimple creation. Here we will discuss how both the procedures can affect your appearance.

Chin enhancement – also known as genioplasty or mentoplasty – can significantly strengthen the appearance of your receding chin by increasing its projection. At the same time, the procedure can make better balance or harmony between your chin and rest of the facial features. This way, you will get more balanced profile of your whole face. Chin augmentation can do so without affecting the jaw function. The procedure can be performed using two techniques, either by making incision in mouth and moving chinbone or by inserting implant through incision inside the mouth or underneath the chin.

Chin enhancement can improve the appearance of your face dramatically but its results can be improved more by having it in combination with other procedures. Profile of nose is also important, so the procedure can be combined with nose surgery for better results. Furthermore, if it is combined with neck lift the results will be far better than having it separately. Chin implants are particularly more important for the men who look more handsome and stronger with bold jaw line.

The procedure for formation of dimple is very simple and convenient and is performed under local anesthesia only. The occurrence of natural dimple is actually due to small defect in the underlying connective tissue. Dimple creation is safe and effective procedure but is reversible too. For making dimple, small incision is made inside the cheeks and a small dissolvable suture is applied. This will make a small dent on the cheek without requiring any incision there.

A small dent in the cheek is considered a sign of good luck sometimes and relating it with attractiveness on the other hand is quite common. People having dimple on their cheeks are often referred to having baby face. To be concise, dimple creation can make you beautiful and cute permanently.

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