Effective Cosmetic Cheek Surgery

Effective cosmetic cheek surgery

When we discuss an ideal face, cheeks certainly have a major role to play. Having fuller cheeks is generally considered as a factor that adds to a person’s facial attraction. On the other hand, weaker cheeks can make a person’s face appear bony. As a result, an aged appearance is created in the area just beneath the eyes. Undergoing cheek augmentation can certainly restore the fullness of cheeks lost due to aging. Moreover, it can give the appearance of strong cheekbones that one might have wished for.

Cheek Augmentation

As we dig deeper into the cheek augmentation procedure, we will get to know that there are several techniques involved. However, the most commonly used procedures are as follows:

  1. Fat Transfers
  2. Dermal Fillers
  3. Cheek Implants

Let’s discuss each method in detail.

1.      Fat Transfers

In this technique, excess fat cells are removed from areas such as abdomen, thighs or hips. After removal, these cells are transferred via grafting to the cheeks. As a result of a careful transfer, the patient is left with fuller, healthier and younger-looking cheeks.

2.      Dermal Fillers

The second technique for cheek augmentation is using dermal fillers. Injectable filler is used in this method to produce temporary fullness in the cheeks area. This process is less invasive than the implants as it uses a syringe instead of creating incisions. As a result, there is minimal to no downtime associated with this method.

3.      Cheek Implants

The most commonly used technique for cheek augmentation is cheek implants. In some cases, the cheek tissue is either small or significantly reduced. Such a condition would require cheek enlargement which usually involves the placement of cheek implants. These implants are used to achieve a proportioned shape of the face. The implants come in a variety of materials but the most common ones are solid silicone implants.

Normally, there are no dressings required for this surgery and sutures in the mouth dissolve themselves. This is the only technique of all three that yields permanent results. Moreover, this technique also gives the most natural-looking cheeks and causes the least risk.

Benefits of Cosmetic Cheek Surgery

All three techniques used for cheek augmentation have benefits of their own. Some of these benefits are discussed below:

  • In fat transfer, the result is considered to be more natural. This is because the transferred fat is taken from the patient’s own body. Moreover, this procedure poses the least risk of all. There are rarely any allergic reactions or complications. The results of this method are not permanent however; they last longer than dermal fillers.
  • Dermal fillers can be very effective even though they don’t last long. They can eradicate wrinkles and deep lines around eyes, mouth, and cheeks. This is the quickest and easiest process of all three that is performed on an outpatient basis. As a result of these fillers, more volume is added to the skin and sunken cheeks are inflated.
  • Using cheek implants is the most effective technique for cheek augmentation. Although, this procedure is the most invasive of all three yet it is the only one that yields permanent results. It can also help in treating injuries.

Everyone tries to take the best care of themselves but still cannot do much about accidents and other mishaps. In case of a facial injury resulting in deforming the cheeks, the implants can be beneficial for cheek reshaping.

All the above discussed are indifferent techniques used for cosmetic cheek surgery. The basic aim of undergoing this surgery is to achieve fuller cheeks that are well-balanced and perfectly proportioned. However, the clinic or surgeon you choose for this surgery must be an expert and well-reputed. This can have a tremendous influence on the results of the surgery.