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Ear Reshaping

It is also called Otoplasty or ear-pinning. In some texts it is also referred to as Pinnaplasty. The shape of ears becomes prominent at the age of 6 or 7. If children are having such problem, then they are teased at school with different names like Mickey-Mouse or elephant-ears. Such ears look larger and distracted in outward direction. If someone is suffering from such problem, ear reshaping is the right option for him or her.

It shows rapid results in case of children. This is why most of the surgeons recommend to perform this surgery at this age. It will also increase their self-confidence and also saves them from suffering by complex. As the cartilage of ear is smooth at the age of five or six, so it will become easy to perform surgery.

On the other hand, it is also beneficial to perform this operation at adult stage. It is because of the reason that they can easily tolerate it. In adults you are subjected sedatives via oral or intravenous route. On the contrary, a general anesthesia is required in some cases in case of small children.

The surgeon makes an incision in the space between the scalp and the bank of the ear. Skin is removed from there. In this way, the access to the cartilage becomes easy. After this, your ear is reshaped using a scalpel. The ears are made closer to the scalp. The scar of the incision becomes difficult to find as it is hidden well.

It is a common practice that the patients after following surgery are sent back to home. Next day they come to the hospital and their dressing is removed. The patients are then prescribed to wear a tennis head band for a maximum of 7-10 days. This tennis head band can be removed when required just at the time of taking bath. As long as you will wear it, the healing process will become rapid.

This surgical procedure really helps in reshaping the bat ears. It is not applied only for surgery of the ears but also for the treatment of cartilage problems. The trimming of earlobes is also done with this cosmetic surgery.

There are present a very few complexities along with this surgical procedure. This is why, it is mostly acceptable. Mostly the plastic stitches are used in order to form the new shape of ears after the surgical process.

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