Double Trouble? How Your Breast Size Speaks Volumes About You

Breast Size Speaks Volumes

Breasts are the most important asset for women. Women always wish to have the perfect sized breasts that are proportional to their figure and look attractive. Even the average size of the breasts has increased in the last 30 years. Due to this, more and more women are undergoing breast augmentation or getting implants. However, breasts are not just about enhancing the appearance and boosting confidence. Breasts can speak volumes when a woman’s life and personality are considered. They reveal more than just how they affect a woman’s appearance by being smaller or bigger. It is a fact that breast size and bra size have become important topics in the scientific community. Numerous studies are linking the size of breasts to women’s character traits.

How Your Breast Size Speaks Volumes About You

Here, we will discuss some things that your breast size can tell about you.

Bigger Breasts – More Eating Disorders and Lowered Self-Esteem

Whether your breasts are small, large, or regular, they will have some impact on your emotional health. Women with very small, very large, or asymmetrical breasts mostly suffer from confidence issues and eating disorders. The editor-in-chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery says that having asymmetrical or excessively large breasts is often associated with aesthetic appearance. However, these conditions can have severe emotional and psychological impacts on women. Most women with abnormally large breasts often emotionally suffer and are more cautious about their bodies.

Bigger Breasts – Higher IQ Level

While it may sound surprising, but it is a reality that women with more massive breasts often have higher IQ levels. A study was carried out at the University of Chicago, which showed that women with larger breasts scored more in IQ tests than women with smaller breasts. If women with average-sized breasts are compared with women with smaller breasts, they also scored more. For this study, women were divided into five categories depending on their breast sizes, including:

  • extra large
  • large
  • medium
  • small
  • extra small

The main reason behind the relationship between breast size and IQ level is still not known. However, sex hormone levels are thought to be the reason. These hormones help in determining the size of women’s breasts.

Bigger than a B Cup – Bigger Spender

Women with bigger breasts spend more on their lingerie as compared to those who have smaller ones. It became clear by a study conducted at Alibaba. The results showed that women with a B cup size spent less than those with bigger than B cups. Five categories were made for the money spent, including:

  • low
  • slightly low
  • middle
  • high
  • slightly high

The percentage of women having B cup size buying was only 2 for high spending. On the other hand, women who had D cup were 24 percent. Although the relationship between bigger breasts and bigger spending is not known yet, the association cannot be denied.

Bigger Breasts – More Likely to be Nurturing

Although breasts are a part of women’s bodies, yet their size significantly affects men, too. Men tend to consider women having larger breasts more attractive than the ones having smaller breasts. According to various studies, men who desire women with larger breasts often want to become dads. In contrast, men who prefer their partners to have smaller breasts wish to remain childless. These findings mean that women with larger breasts can bear and nurture children. Moreover, it is believed that there is a strong relationship between larger breasts and hormones related to fertility.

Smaller Breasts – High Demand for Coffee

Women having smaller breasts usually drink more coffee as compared to women having larger breasts. The British Journal of Cancer published a study about the relationship between coffee and breasts. According to that, three cups of coffee in a day are enough to shrink the breast tissues. However, any additional consumption of coffee can increase the effects. Half the women addicted to coffee had a gene showing a link between coffee intake and breast size. Coffee intake, no doubt, makes the breasts smaller. But the effect is very slow, and they are not going to disappear overnight if you consume more coffee.

Breast Augmentation – More Likely to Commit Suicide

Women who got bigger breasts by having implants are found three times more likely to commit suicide. This risk is increasing over time. The studies show that the risk of committing suicide becomes apparent nearly 10 years after breast augmentation is done. These suicides are believed to be the result of women’s psychiatric problems before getting breast implants.

In short, breast size is not just about the aesthetic appearance. It has to do a lot more with a woman’s mental and emotional health and other life traits.