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Dos and Don'ts for Liposuction

Liposuction is ranked as Dubai’s number one most popular procedure and 2nd most popular in the world right after eyelid surgery. It has evolved over decades of practice and technological progress to become the most accepted option for removing unevenness in body contours, lumps or bumps in subcutaneous tissue and localized fat deposits that are irresponsive to exercise and dieting.

Below are some helpful Dos and Don’ts for liposuction Dubai. Patients who follow these steps can avoid complications more than 90 % of the times.


  • Do proper and Ample Research: This involves background reading on the procedures, candidacy for liposuction, its different methods, looking over before and after pictures and most importantly finding a qualified surgeon with a good reputation since it would make all the difference on how your results turn out to be.
  • Keep a lookout on your weight before & after surgery: Liposuction is procedure done purely for aesthetic reasons or medical necessity in rare cases. It is useful in shaping the body by removing stubborn fatty tissue in areas such as the hips, abdomen, inner limbs neck and face. Additionally it is NOT a weight loss alternative. In fact best results and candidates are those who are healthy or as close possible to a healthy weight. You have to do your part in eating a healthy diet, living a healthy lifestyle and exercising routinely. This way you can avoid visceral fat accumulation that is life-threatening after surgery and heal better.
  • Explore your options: A good surgeon will always instruct you on the various techniques suitable for you, but you ought to know the basics for yourself.
    • Tumescent liposuction is a “wet” form of liposuction where anesthetic and enzyme solution is injected into the targeted fat to numb the area and break down fat polymers into fatty acids that can be easily suctioned out without damage to surrounding nerves and organs. Operation is pain-free and post-operative bruising is comparatively minimal.
    • Ultrasound or laser assisted liposuction is a method that makes use of radio frequency or light spectrum beams of regulated pulses to liquefy fat to make the process faster, easier and induce skin tightening effects. The advantage is minimal downtime and accelerated healing.
  • Follow recovery instruction properly: Your surgeon will instruct you on the best possible way to take care of your healing body prescribing antibiotics and painkillers along with tips on how to perform routine activities. Slight physical activity like walking will reduce blood clotting risks and support garments are to be worn for the recommended time.
  • Ask questions: It is both your right and your responsibility to ask away as much as you want and need. Doing your research prior to the consultation will help you express your concerns and validate the doctor if he/she is suitable for you. Every patient is also evaluated by the surgeon so this communication is essential to the whole aesthetic. Be sure to discuss concerns, expectations and costs.
  • Understand the purpose of Liposuction: As explained above it is a cosmetic procedure that can address various issues in the body and provide remarkable results. The aesthetic aspect of this procedure addresses physical imperfections as well as self-perception and self-esteem so as to improve the quality of life. Keep yourself healthy and read experiences of previous liposuction patients.


  • Don’t expect instant results: Although results can be quite visible the day right after surgery, keep realistic expectations, have patience and follow the post-operative instructions until all the months have passed to get final results.
  • Don’t continue over-the-counter medications: If you really have to, you must discuss it you’re your plastic surgeon. Aspirin, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulants, vitamin and herbal supplements will increase the risks associated with healing.
  • Don’t assume that any fat on the body can be treated with liposuction: Your candidacy will be the first thing to be evaluated in your pre-operative consultation. In this meeting your surgeon will outline treatable areas and tell you if you are a good candidate for surgery.
  • Don’t be shy if you are a man: Liposuction is not for women even though the larger majority of patients undergoing cosmetic surgery are women. That is only a consequence of cultural roles that we have inherited. Men are as probable candidates as women are. Liposuction is a certified treatment method for gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts) and will even get you those 6-packs you have always wanted even after all those months at the gym. Increasing numbers of men are applying for liposuction in Dubai.
  • Don’t dally in attaining your dream figure: If you feel that despite trying your level best to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy and changing your lifestyle to get a slimmer body is not giving you that dream figure even though you have experienced success except for some stubborn fat areas of your body; then by all means explore liposuction as a liable treatment. It may be the jumpstart you need!
  • Don’t ignore your doctor’s instructions: Despite being safe, FDA-approved and carried out by thousands every year as well as a high recovery rate; it is still an invasive cosmetic procedure that is more art than science. Every patient is also different with various afflictions, tendencies and biological factors that affect healing, so following recovery instructions to the dot is absolutely necessary if you wish to have no complications and heal properly in order o get desired results. Give your body time to heal, be patient, abstain from alcohol, smoking and over the counter medications while taking your antibiotics for the prescribed time.

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So there you have it in a nutshell. If you think you can keep those dos and don’ts at heart and wish to get liposuction surgery, then sign up today for a free consultation with one of our specialists to find your chances, answers and predictions right away.

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