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cosmetic surgery meets virtual reality

Getting a Cosmetic Surgery is a scary thing. I meant you end up altering your look for a few months, years or for life. Any decision when it comes to modifying one’s appearance cannot be taken lightly. Earlier, people used to explain to their surgeons what they want out of a surgery. And depending on the way of communication and surgeon’s understanding, they would end up with exactly the same or a drastically different outcome. That’s one of the prime reasons many celebrities have horrific faces after the surgery.

Era of 2D Pictures

Fast forward to the era of 2D pictures. The doubts of the patients were significantly reduced. Thanks to the photo shopped 2D pictures. It was still better than having no clue of what you are getting yourself into but it’s still not perfect. Lucky for all of us, virtual reality was introduced and Dubai Cosmetic Surgery ensured that the patients are able to see how they will look after the surgery.

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How does this help?

Well, by making patients interact with their own 3D image and selecting different simulations, patients are able to tell what they want exactly. They can see different options for themselves. For an instant, if they are going for a nose job, they can tweak their noses and see what suits them best. The best part about it is that by combining advanced medical research and state-of-the-art technology, the level of care and treatment can be optimized to a new level. As a result, patients always leave the clinic happy and never with; “why I have done this” expression.

How does Crisalix work?

Crisalix app is used at Dubai cosmetic surgery and a 3D portable sensor is used for the creation a 3D model of the face and body of the patient. After understanding the patient’s requirement; the surgeon will simulate the desired change live via a VR application. It creates a fully immersive environment for the patient. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, we also provide remote access to the clients. It helps them view it with their family and friends and make the right decision.

This technology has definitely;

  • Increased substantial patient education
  • Increased understanding and interaction of the surgeon and the patient
  • Optimized post-procedure satisfaction

How are the patients responding to Crisalix?

Well, the response is overwhelming. Our patients are loving it. Multiple surveys have been carried out around the world. The results of these surveys show that 99 per cent of the patients felt satisfied with their surgery after using Crisalix during the consultation.

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Free Consultation

Whether you want a drastic transformation or are looking for a subtle change, Crisalix can certainly help. To understand the procedure and expected results in detail, you can book a free and no-obligatory consultation by filling in the form below.

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