Cosmetic Surgery Meets Virtual Reality

cosmetic surgery meets virtual reality

Getting a Cosmetic Surgery is a big decision as you end up altering your look for a few months, years or even a lifetime. Such decisions cannot be taken lightly and a thorough thought process should take place. In yesteryear, people used to explain their desired outcomes from a procedure to their surgeons and often ended up with a drastically different result based on the surgeon’s understanding of the communication. This is one of the reasons many celebrities from previous eras have horrific faces after the surgery.

However, many technological changes have taken place over the year and fantastic results can now be had through cosmetic procedures. The advancements in technologies have ensured that a person gets exactly what he or she wants, removing the guess work from the process. Let’s take a closer look at some of these developments and how they are helping in cosmetic surgeries.

The era of 2D Pictures

The era of 2D pictures helped allay the fears in patients’ minds significantly. The photo shopped pictures were very useful both for the patient and the surgeon. It was much better than guess work about the outcomes though still not perfect. In most cases, the results were very acceptable though the occasional issues were still there.

3D Technology

Fortunately, virtual reality technology aiding the cosmetic surgery process now ensures smooth results as patients are able to see how they will exactly look after the surgery and completely removes the guess work from the process.

How does it work?

The patients can select different simulations about their post-procedure appearance. They can, basically, see how they should look after the surgery. For instance, if they are going for a nose job, they can tweak their noses and see what suits them best. The best part about it is that by combining advanced medical research and state-of-the-art technology, the level of care and treatment can be optimized to a new high.

How does Crisalix work?

Crisalix is an app used with a 3D portable sensor for creating a 3D model of the face and body of the patient. After understanding the patient’s requirement, the surgeon will simulate the desired change live via a VR application. It creates a fully immersive environment for the patient. Candidates for different surgeries may also be able to access this facility remotely, which can help them in involving the loved ones in making the final call.

The Bottom Line

This new technology is certainly playing a huge role in the evolution of how cosmetic surgeries are performed. With 3D modeling, the guesswork is removed from the cosmetic procedures. This allows the treatment seeker to explain exactly what he or she wants. It also helps the surgeons to go forward with a clear thought process and get the desired outcome.

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