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Corrective Thigh Surgery

Corrective thigh surgery or a thigh lift is performed to improve the tightness of skin and tone of subcutaneous tissue that has been altered due to ageing, gravity, hormonal changes and/or lifestyle factors. Under the influence of general anesthesia a patient can restore their thigh contours and anatomy back to normal through incisions made in the folds of the groin along the inner thigh.

As people grow older weight loss is sometimes a big hurdle both functionally and aesthetically. Even those who follow healthy lifestyles, their skin soon loose laxity contributed to a saggy overall look. Folds of fat or of loose skin can be displeasing to the sight while also being related to functional and hygiene problems. The constant friction may cause irritation especially in moister areas. Thighoplasty is an overall procedure carried out to address laxity of skin and excess fat all around the inside and outside of the thighs.


A thigh lift is a complex process requiring remarkable aesthetic sense as well as surgical skills. Usually taking up to 2 or 3 hours it is combination of various procedures (such as liposuction) dictated as required in extent. General anesthesia is usually used in this case but you can discuss that with your doctor. General anesthesia does pose a few a risks and that is among the foremost priorities of cosmetic surgery. A complete explanation and recommendation will be provided by your doctor while discussing your cosmetic surgery eligibility.

The operation

In the process of corrective thigh surgery, the necessitation for long “T” or “L” cuts in the groin region extended to the inside of the thigh and towards the folds of the buttocks, depending on the patient’s aesthetic goals and anatomical limitations. The more excess skin needs to be removed the larger the cut.

Liposuction of fatty deposits may be carried out when necessary whereas liposculpture along with skin tightening is performed to restore tone and tightness to the upper legs ultimately resulting in a shapelier and firmer leg. As dictated by aesthetic and surgical goals, the incisions will be along the inside of the thigh and within the bikini that will leave scars varying in extent to the extent of cosmetic surgery made.

Subcutaneous tissue and loose skin is excised in elliptical segments or liposuction before the remainder of skin and tissue is lifted to accommodate a tighter smoother aesthetic appearance. The main goal is to tighten loose skin and deep tissue to restore tone and shape.

Once the procedure is completed stitches will be dressed and bandaged with temporary drainage tubes fixed to incision sites in order to drain excess body fluid and dry out the treatment area. Elastic bandages or support garments are also worn from that point onwards, for the extent of the recovery period.

Recovery and Results

After the wrapping is concluded an overnight stay at least is mandatory following thigh lift surgery. A specially designed compression garment is applied right away and it is to be kept on for 4 to 6 weeks following surgery.

Even though imminent results after surgery can be noticed, the final results come out several months after surgery where the body grows naturally with the newly adopted figure. That will remain your leg’s permanent shape for the coming years.

Even though scarring is unavoidable after surgery, they will eventually fade away with time as the skin continues to grow. Results are reported to be threefold; boosted self-esteem, improved functionality and more aesthetically pleasant contours of the upper legs, especially with the ladies!

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