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Consider These Things before Getting Nose Surgery

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Getting Nose Surgery

Nose is an important facial feature playing an important role in making or marring facial appearance. Balanced and contoured nose makes you look beautiful but unfortunately, many people in the world are not satisfied with the aesthetic appearance of their nose. Nose surgery is an effective way of improving nose and a large number of people undergo this procedure not only to achieve their aesthetic goals but also for correction of functional defects caused by structural problems. Nose surgery is an effective but a complex procedure, so before going under the knife, you must know about important things associated with it.

Reasons for having surgery:

Nose surgery can no doubt improve the appearance of your nose but don’t expect dramatic results from the procedure as it can’t change the basic structure of nose. So, your expectations with the outcomes of surgery must be realistic. Rhinoplasty or nose surgery can make the following changes in nose.

  • Improves the size of nose making it proportional to rest of facial features.
  • Improves too wide nose bridge
  • Improves humps and depressions on nose bridge
  • Corrects the size and position of wide nostrils
  • Corrects drooping, crooked or hooked nose tip
  • Improves the symmetry of nose

What is nose surgery?

Nose surgery – medically known as rhinoplasty – is the surgery that involves making changes in the nose to improve the appearance of nose. During the procedure of rhinoplasty, surgeon makes incisions and then makes alterations in the nose through these incisions. The modifications include removal or repositioning of excess tissues, adding cartilage graft or removing part of it. After sculpting the underlying structure of nose to desired shape, incisions are closed.

Approaches for nose surgery:

Various techniques are used for performing nose surgery. These techniques include closed rhinoplasty and open rhinoplasty. In closed, incision is made inside the nostrils and therefore, scar caused by incisions is hidden in the nose. On the other hand, in open, incision is made across columella between nostrils. Mostly patients prefer having closed rhinoplasty as it does not leave scarring behind but open rhinoplasty helps surgeon perform surgery more precisely.

Results and recovery from surgery:

If we talk about the results of surgery, they will become visible after bandages are removed and bruising resolves but the final results become apparent after the swelling subsides completely and this may take several years and sometimes a year. When it comes to recovery period, the early days may be discomforting but plastic surgeons prescribe medications and give instructions to minimize pain and discomfort. You can avoid complications by selecting highly experienced plastic surgeon. But as rhinoplasty is an invasive surgical procedure, you will experience some temporary side effects like swelling and bruising. You may also experience numbness in teeth and bleeding during recovery.

A nose surgery is a complex and difficult procedure and requires considerable experience of plastic surgeon. Perhaps this is the reason that many patients need to undergo revision surgery for improving the results of surgery. If you are interested in improving your nose, you should go for nose surgery Dubai at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery. Highly experienced and well-trained plastic surgeons are offering their services at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, so don’t delay booking an appointment for consultation with one of them.

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