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Consider a Daddy Makeover in Dubai this Father’s Day

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Fathers Day

If you thought mommies are the only people who have a right to look good through a mommy makeover in Dubai you are very wrong. Daddies also have the right to look as good with a daddy makeover in Dubai that is if they want to improve their ‘dad bod’ and be able to charm with nothing but a glance.

So if you want to look youthful and relaxed, without getting a tummy tuck or breast augmentation (although you might need a jab or two of Botox), this Father’s Day you have the chance. This is because we at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery clinic have some of the most amazing offers specifically tailored to make you look your best and return your confidence right back to you.

Back in the day, daddies who made the decision to undergo some cosmetic touch-ups here and there used to be frowned upon, but in today’s society, it is completely acceptable because we have come to accept that men also need to look ‘beautiful’, fresh and youthful for as long as they can; not just for the ladies, but for themselves as well. And a daddy makeover does all this and more.

We have a number of daddy makeover treatments ranging from laser hair removal, hair loss treatment, hair transplant, gynecomastia surgery, liposuction, abs chiseling and the list goes on. Just take a look at our website, choose the treatment you want to have, and then call in and book an appointment for a free consultation. One of our board certified plastic surgeons will put your doubts and fears at rest and tell you just about everything you need to know about a particular treatment as long as you have some realistic expectations.

So, let Father’s Day 2016 be the day that you finally get to do what you have always been thinking of doing; that is, giving yourself a full daddy makeover, and allowing that confidence to flow through your body once again!

Happy Father’s Day!

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