Combining Chin-Jowl Implants with Local Anesthesia

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Chin-Jowl Implants

Cosmetic surgery provides solution to nearly every aesthetic problem and its demand has been continuously increasing since last two decades. There are a number of people who are seeking younger looking appearance and refined facial profile. Various facial surgeries are available to effectively and permanently improve the appearance of face. Facial implants are mostly used to improve the contour and profile of the face. Now, plastic surgeons have become able to replace the bony deficiency and improve the harmony of facial features. They can also improve the sagginess and depressions on the face. Cheek implants are perfect for improving the sunken cheeks and chin implants are useful for improving the size and shape of chin.

These days, patients seek the cosmetic procedures that are easy and simple, have less risks and cost and require less downtime and recovery time. Besides all these things, they still want to have dramatic results as provided by the invasive surgeries performed under general anesthesia. Local anesthesia is used for less aggressive surgeries but now innovative techniques has been introduced in which results are enhanced by combining more than one less aggressive procedures performed under local anesthesia. The results of such procedures are also quite appealing for the patients. In fact, these surgeries can provide the satisfying results to those patients who are looking for the level of improvement provided by traditional surgeries. One example of such procedure is the combination of chin-jowl implants that can also be performed with combination of neck liposuction and less invasive lifting procedures.

A weak chin whether naturally or caused by the normal aging process causes fleshy appearing neck and irregular facial contours. On the other hand sunken cheek area and sagginess in the middle area of the face also affects the whole facial appearance. Cheek and chin implants can be combined in one procedure to improve these facial problems. The goal of this procedure is to give volume to the jowl and chin area to restore the natural harmony and balance between upper third (forehead, eyebrows and upper eyelids), middle third (lower eyelids, cheeks and nose) and lower third (mouth and chin) of the face.

The combined surgery for cheek and chin implants performed under local anesthesia is comparatively simple procedure giving more effective results. This procedure gives the double benefits that are of both chin augmentation and cheek augmentation. Below given are some benefits of this procedure.

  • Restores the facial balance and its youthful appearance
  • Improves the anterior chin projection
  • Gives volume to the cheeks
  • Improves the sagginess in lower half face
  • Gives improved proportion to the face

The procedure is simple and easy that involves very small incisions. Through these small incisions, implants are inserted in the cheeks and chin. The procedure requires very less time for recovery and there are no severe side effects associated with the procedure.

In short, combined chin and jowl implant surgery is less invasive surgery performed under local anesthesia but gives you highly effective results.

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