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Pigmentation treatment in Dubai

Pigmentation is a condition in which your skin appears relatively lighter or darker in some areas. If you are experiencing such brown patches, its time to talk to your dermatologist. You will find a lot of Skin Care products that promise pigmentation free skin, but you should understand the fact that not every good quality product is good for your skin.

For example, a product that worked well for your friend might not work for you at all. Pigmentation cannot be cured with routine Skin Care regimen as well. Your dermatologist will examine your skin condition and recommend the most suitable treatment. There are a number of clinical face treatments available to reduce pigmentation and the appearance of dark spots.

Today we will discuss some of the treatment options that offer remedy for pigmentation and dark spots. Continue reading!

Topical Treatments

Your dermatologist may rely on topical treatments if pigmentation is not severe. You will be prescribed any cream, gel or ointment that contains hydroquinone, retinoids or azelaic acid.

Oral Treatment

Dermatologists prescribe oral medications in some cases to reduce the appearance of certain kinds of discoloration. These medications are often combined with topical creams to achieve optimum results.

Chemical Peels

Hyperpigmentation can be reduced with the help of chemical peeling which is an exfoliating technique. These peels remove the affected layer of skin cells revealing a new skin layer that is free from any patches. Your dermatologist will choose the strength of chemical peels depending upon the condition.

Fractional CO2

Your doctor may ask you to consider laser skin resurfacing for pigmentation and dark spots to achieve the best results. Fractional CO2 laser technique is used to treat a number of cosmetic conditions and promotes skin regeneration and natural collagen production. The laser beams are delivered to the skin with a handheld laser device. The heat of the laser damages the skin in a fractional manner. The new skin that appears is smoother, fairer and without any lighter or darker patches.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Intense pulse light therapy is an advanced technique of skin resurfacing. It is an effective treatment for pigmentation which involves the delivery of light particles. Light energy is converted into heat which destroys the dark pigment called melanin.

Free Consultation

We have enlisted some effective treatments above that can cure pigmentation and dark spots but which one is suitable for you? You need to consult with a dermatologist to get the answer to that question. Without examining your skin condition and without analyzing the problem, it is impossible to suggest a treatment. Therefore, if you are experiencing any of these skin problems then visit a dermatologist right away. The cost of these treatments depends on the nature and severity of the skin problem.

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery® offers a wide range of treatments to treat pigmentation and hyperpigmentation. Call us now or fill in the given form for a free consultation at our clinic. This consultation will help you in finding a suitable treatment for yourself and getting rid of the spots permanently.

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