Choosing Your Surgeon for Neck lift

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Choosing Your Surgeon for Neck lift

Since a lot depends on the doctor, rather than the product used or the care taken, choosing your doctors is imperative in achieving smooth and successful results from cosmetic neck lift surgery. It is advised to look for a surgeon who has at least 1 year of experience in general surgery while being trained in the otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat) department. The ace is both the most obvious and aesthetically important part of the body.

A surgeon who has practiced surgery but does not understand the intricate complexities of facial structure (surgery involves manipulating and fixing underlying facial structure as well as tightening skin while keeping mind how well will it suit the patient after ageing) may very well leave you with a botched result in varying degrees of your luck.

Moreover a surgeon with a reputation, working at their own practice or employed by a reputable cosmetic company while being a member of a group or society for plastic surgeons is also a great guarantee of a good surgeon. If you hear about surgeon through word of mouth reference then the chances are he/she is good at their job. Get a pre-operative consultation right away. You aren’t obligated for surgery unless you sign the consent form.

Procedures Performed in a Neck lift

It is not uncommon for a neck lift to be combined with a facelift that may include brow lift, skin resurfacing, usage of dermal fillers to smoothen out fine lines, laser skin rejuvenation, rhinoplasty, cheek reduction or skin reconstruction. Of course these are not compulsory ingredients but any combination may be recommended for different patients based on their expectations and condition.

Things to Ask Your Surgeon

  • How many procedure such as the one I am going to undertake have you performed? Ask for before and after photos to get an idea of his work and any resemblance to a past patient who had a procedure similar to the one you’re looking for. A good surgeon would not hesitate to show their past works and skills to further explain that they can operate on you.
  • Tell me what I need to know before going for this procedure? What would you recommend for me to ensure better results, quicker recovery and long standing results? The doctor’s job is to evaluate and determine your candidacy before operating on you; so for certain patients, certain recommendations may stand true. Find out yours.
  • Ask for the complications associated with surgery with respect to you. What are the complications involved if I go for this procedure? What alternative treatments do you cater for that could help me achieve those results? What are the pros and cons of these alternatives compared?
  • What are the various stages of recovery? When can I expect to see the final results?
  • When can I go tanning again? What skin-care products should I use? Can I continue my skin-care products/medication during recovery? How long do the results last if I maintain them properly? What does that entail?

Facts about Face/Neck lift surgery

According to various statistics these days, facial surgery is slowly breaking away taboos and reservations people previously had with it. With the multitude of women going for facial surgery while the social media continues to set trends for people to follow; the general populace accept and create more opportunities with people who take care of their looks and are presentable regardless of their line of work. For instance a sports player may undergo facial surgery for any facial flaws to become more widely acclaimed and accepted because they seem more normal or friendly looking now. It is a strange and biased kind of reverse psychology that exists socially and personally but it is the very cream on which the cosmetic surgery survives. According to statistics women who have undergone cosmetic surgery are more trustworthy, attractive, adventurous, extroverted and less insecure. Yet these statistics are not hard facts yet. You can find out a lot more about women, their reviews about plastic surgery and the views about plastic surgery in the social world through a simple web search.

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