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As we age, our skin shows visible signs of aging like wrinkles and lines, brown spots and loose skin and to reverse these signs of aging, many people choose to go for face lift surgery or other surgical and non-surgical procedures. Facelift – rhytidectomy – is one of the most popular surgical procedures that is common in both men and women who desire to make their facial skin youthful again. It is done to remove the excessive facial skin that has lost its elasticity and eradicates the lines and wrinkles on the face.

Face lift surgery is no doubt quite effective procedure but only if you are choosing the right procedure. The two most important things that are required to choose right face lift surgery for you is to seek an experienced plastic surgeon and select the type of the procedure that is best suitable for you and beside these two factors, there are a number of other issues that are important to consider in order to get perfect outcomes. Here we will discuss some important things that are required to choose right type of facelift surgery for you and then get successful outcomes of the procedure.

The first step to go for any cosmetic procedure is to find out an experienced plastic surgeon and same is the case for face lift surgery. Before selecting any surgeon for the procedure, you must have a detailed research on his credentials and expertise. He must be board certified and must have experience of at least five years in performing face lift surgery. You can get to know about the skills and expertise of a plastic surgeon by knowing about the number of surgeries he performed, seeing before and after pictures of surgeries he performed and by knowing about the reviews of his patients.

Another most important thing that needs your consideration is selecting the type of the face lift procedure and only your surgeon can guide you in this matter too. He will give you recommendations after examining your face and knowing about your desires and expectations. The main types of surgical procedures for face lift are traditional full facelift, mini facelift and mid facelift. The first one targets whole face and is more suitable for older people, the second one is suitable for those people who require less changes in the middle area only and are slightly younger and the last one targets neck and nose folds and young people can also go for it. You can select the best suitable one depending on your requirements.

It not over yet, once you have selected right surgeon and right type of surgery, you need to follow your surgeon’s pre-operative and post-operative instructions to make your decision actually the right one. Your decision of undergoing face lift surgery will become right when you get satisfying results of the procedure and this is possible if you go through the recovery period safely and properly by following surgeon’s instructions and regular follow ups.

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