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Chin Enlargement

Anyone who has a double chin may dislike the above-mentioned title. The reason is that someone with a double chin would certainly not fancy the size of chin growing more. However, the title does not mean enlarging the chin rather it means giving your chin the desired look. This means improving the shape and size of the chin so that it complements other features of the face.

Having the chin in proper shape is important because it adds to the facial attraction of a person. It can make one appear as a gorgeous painting in an elegant frame. Some people are not satisfied with the natural shape or size of their chin. Fortunately, they can achieve the desired shape of their chin through chin augmentation or chin enlargement.

Chin Augmentation – Mentoplasty

The procedure of chin enlargement has become quite a common type of cosmetic surgery, particularly in the U.S. It is also known as chin augmentation or Mentoplasty. Many people have gone through this surgery and are pretty satisfied with the results.

Features of Mentoplasty

Some of the main features of chin augmentation are as follows:

  • It takes around 1 to 1½ hours to complete.
  • It can only be performed at locations such as hospitals, medical centers, clinics, or any specialized center for plastic surgery.
  • Both local and general anesthesia can be used for this procedure.
  • It is up to the surgeon to choose anesthesia which suits best.

Process of Chin Augmentation

The chin augmentation process involves reshaping the chin by placing implants or surgical treatment of the jaw bone. The chin implant used in surgery is artificial and made up of Goretex or medical-grade silicone. The result of this surgery is a balanced structure of the face and a more pleasing facial look. To obtain even better results for the facial balance, some people prefer having Rhinoplasty along with this surgery. One of the best emotional benefits of this treatment is the patient’s self-esteem enhancement by making them feel better.

Complications with Chin Augmentation

People considering chin augmentation have several questions flowing through their minds. Apart from the cost of the procedure, the associated complications happen to be the biggest concern. Although the procedure is a non-invasive one yet minor complications do occur in some cases. Some of the possible complications involved in the process include:

  • Bruising
  • Bleeding
  • Numbness around the chin region
  • Facial nerve damage

To avoid any mishaps during surgery, be careful while choosing a plastic surgeon. Do thorough research before finalizing the surgeon. While choosing the plastic surgeon for chin augmentation, do not forget to check his experience in handling such cases. An inexperienced and non-professional surgeon may offer Mentoplasty at a lower cost but the results obtained can be devastating. Cheap is always expensive in the long run. For any cosmetic surgery procedure, you should always choose a board-certified and well-reputed surgeon. However, a well-known surgeon may not be the right surgeon for your case. So, before going in blindly for the surgery, schedule a consultation session. Develop a level of comfort with your surgeon before undergoing the actual surgery. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery® has a panel of experienced and certified surgeons. Book a free consultation session by filling out the form below.

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