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Cheek Implants in Dubai

All adults past the age of 30 have one thing in common apart from being human of course, they begin to have drooping facial features. This happens gradually as the years go by because of environmental agents, sun damage, congenital afflictions among others. And at this point, they begin to think of ways to restore volume, from cheek implants and cheek fillers to a full facelift. In addition, because of the factors named above, the skin begins to sag and droop as the muscles grow tired and weak. This is perfectly normal as nature is just doing its job.

Some people are so lucky because they get to age gracefully and beautifully. Others on the other hand, are not that lucky hence the reason we want to hold on to our youth for as long as we can, which is perfectly okay. That is where facial fixtures such as cheek fillers and cheek implants come in.

The need for cheek implants and cheek fillers

Cheek implants and cheek fillers are both designed to enhance the cheek bones and balance the facial features relegating the signs of aging. However cheek implants are used to contour the face more drastically and reshape it but they have less impact on the wrinkles and fine lines. Cheek fillers on the other hand are often used along other injectables to smooth out wrinkles and add proportionality contour to the face.

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Below are comparisons between cheek implants and cheek fillers;

  • Most fillers reduce wrinkles, fine lines and add volume to the face. On the other hand implants also do this plus they restore facial contours.
  • It only takes a few minutes to administer fillers while it takes more time for implants’ insertion.
  • When you opt for fillers you have to note that they should be done at least once or twice a year as they last only for a few months. Cheek implants last relatively longer, that is for many years .
  • There are cases where patients have become allergic after being administered cheek fillers but cheek implants are almost non-allergic.
  • There are many unqualified quacks who administer fillers out there putting patients at a higher risk of infection whereas implants can only be inserted by a licensed qualified and registered plastic surgeon.
  • Fillers are cheaper on the onset but quite expensive in the long term as they have to be done once or twice a year. Since you have to keep going back to have them done, it becomes costly. On the other hand cheek implants are expensive but once implanted they last for several years and you do not have to keep going back.
  • In some rare cases getting cheek fillers can run the risk of getting skin necrosis while cheek implants come with minimal risks.
  • The effects of fillers are visible for about 4-8 months. If a patient gets cheek implants and he or she is not happy with the results then he or she can have them removed any time.
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