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Cheek implants

There are various facial cosmetic surgeries that are performed to enhance the appearance of face. Each and every facial feature is important and plays a significant role in making or marring your whole look. Balanced facial contours are also important to make your face look attractive and beautiful. Aging signs, besides making wrinkles and creases appear on skin, change the facial contours also and the most affected area is the middle of face that is cheeks. Furthermore, there are lots of people who have naturally unbalanced or round cheeks.

Important thing to mention here is that cheek augmentation is super effective method for them to improve mid face. Cheek augmentation can be either a non-surgical or surgical procedure that reshapes the cheekbones. Non-surgical methods are injecting fillers or persons own fat to give volume and proper shape to cheeks. Whatever the method you select, you should seek an experienced plastic surgeon for the procedure. Here we will discuss about placement of implants for this purpose.

Both men and women who want improvement in the shape of their cheeks can be the candidates for procedure. Mostly, the candidates for the procedure are those people who have flat cheekbones or thin or round face. It is an effective option for those people also who have hollow or sagging cheeks. The purpose of cheek implants is adding balance and definition to the face and providing you a youthful appearance.

The time required by the procedure varies from patient to patient; generally it can take up to nearly two hours. Cheek augmentation through implants can be done either under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The site for the placement of implant is determined depending on the area that needs augmentation. Mostly incisions are made inside the mouth for placement of cheek implants. If the procedure is performed in combination with other procedures, incisions can also be made in the hairline or inside the lower eyelid. After making incisions, implants are placed and incisions are sewed closed. The results of surgery will become visible immediately after the procedure but the swelling will take few months to dissipate completely.

During the recovery period, you will have bandages or dressings applied to keep incision site clean and promote healing. You will have to apply topical medications, keep incision sites clean and take oral medications to avoid any infection and aid healing.

In short, having cheek implants is perfect way to improve contours of middle face but as it is a surgical procedure, it will require some care.

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