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Can Someone Give Birth After Tummy Tuck

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Can Someone Give Birth After Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck / abdominoplasty is a surgical cosmetic procedure that helps get rid of subcutaneous fat that deforms the shape of the stomach, tighten loose muscles and remove flabby skin around the lower abdomen. The excess tissue, mainly fat and skin is not of significant importance as it located on the top side of the abdominal wall and above the layer of muscles protecting vital organs inside. Excess weight loss and childbirth are usually the causes attributed to a deformed lower body in healthy people since tummy tucks isn’t a solution for obesity or overweight people.

Women constitute the majority of recipients of tummy tucks mainly because they undergo those physical changes in life that lead to protruding tummy. Most women are concerned about pregnancy and its effects on the tummy tuck that they are considering. The following article will go over the effects of tummy tuck on pregnancy and some fo the misconceptions women have about

Effects of Pregnancy on Tummy Tuck

If you have undergone abdominoplasty and are considering having more children whether unplanned or not, you will at least have to wait until you’re fully healed after your surgery. Between 4- 8 months after surgery you are completely healed depending on your body’s immune and healing factors. This is due to the usage of soluble stitches made inside the body over the muscles to tighten them and closing the incisions left after removing excess tissue. Only after the complete absorption of these surgical sutures should you consider pregnancy. If prior to that the pregnancy occurs then these stitches will constrain expansion of muscles and skin within the stomach causing periodical pain.

Full Recovery From Abdominoplasty Takes a Month

This is wrong, since you can be able to resume normal routine after 4-6 weeks from surgery but that doesn’t mean you are fully healed. Even doctors don’t regard that time period as a measurement of the final results since the final aesthetic results will appear after 3-4 months from surgery. Also this time period may vary from patient to patient. Patients who are/were overweight prior to surgery can take up to 6 months to heal (setting apart body healing factors) because of the liposuction whereas thinner, healthier patients who underwent only mini abdominoplasty (only removal of skin and smaller incisions) can recover completely within 3 months. Always check with your doctor!

Is it Possible to Become Pregnant after a Tummy Tuck?

You may certainly have a child after a successful tummy tuck but it is not recommended to have a tummy tuck while you still wish (or can) have more children. Your doctor will discuss everything from your relationship goals to your pregnancy possibilities before recommending a tummy tuck. It is totally safe to have children after a tummy tuck but that would mean a remission of the whole purpose of having a tummy tuck since a major part of the abdominal correction you underwent will be lost causing incomplete cosmetic results.

The details involved in a pregnancy include the growing of the uterus from the size of a lime to the size of a large beach ball. Not only is the expansion permanently splitting the abdominal rectus muscles (the 6 pack) but skin and other tissue are also extended all the way down to the hips. Many patients have had problem-free pregnancies as well as childbirths after a tummy tuck, even going back to normal with wonderful results but that isn’t the same for everyone.

Simply because the results of a tummy tuck will often be reversed after a pregnancy it is advised for women to wait until they wish to bear no more children to have this form of surgery.  If the baby was not planned and you have already undergone a tummy tuck before, you can always redo that surgery with a secondary tummy tuck which is safe and a shorter procedure than the original tummy tuck but the results can be sub-optimal and you will have to finance and prepare for it all over again.

So there you have it, all you need to know about pregnancy and tummy tucks. If you wish to know more or talk to an experienced plastic surgeon you can always fill in our short consultation form and get a free appointment with an expert who would be happy to guide you with your personal condition.

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