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Can liposuction tighten up a loose neck?

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Liposuction is the most efficacious treatment to combat small pockets of stubborn fat on certain areas of body. It is the best procedure to give a proper shape and contour to the body. This procedure can be performed on various areas of body and brings significant improvement to all the areas but these days the demand of this procedure is very frequent for removal of fat in the neck and chin area. It is among the first areas where the aging signs appear. The procedure for this area is called neck liposuction.

The term double chin is very common but it is actually a neck problem rather than of a chin. It occurs due to the deposition of excess fat in the neck area just below the chin and therefore is given the name of double chin or extra chin. Mostly the people who suffer from the problem of having excess fat under the chin are unable to distinct between the neck and face because it is hard to tell where the face ends and neck starts. In such cases, liposuction is performed on both jaw line and neck – called neck lipo.

Before you go for the procedure of neck liposuction, you need to know about some factors that help you in understanding whether the procedure is for you or not. All the fat in the neck area is not extra because fat also plays the role of cushion between skin and muscles of neck. If this fat is removed, your neck will look unnatural but on the other hand, if there is extra fat on the neck, it looks unappealing and is undesirable. It not only affects the appearance of neck but it also affects the appearance of face. There are various causes of this fat but whatever the reason is everyone wants to get it removed and liposuction can help you in removing this fat and making you look significantly younger.

The procedure of neck liposuction is best suitable for the people who have following issues with neck.

  • Having extra fat just under the chin or in the neck area.
  • Neck having loose skin but not hanging skin. Here it is important to know the difference between loose and hanging skin. Loose skin is simply the skin that is excess of that is required to cover your neck that can be caused by losing weight, aging or both. Hanging skin is the one that is not just the loose but hangs off the neck.
  • Neck having excess fat but not loose skin.

Liposuction is no doubt a perfect treatment to get rid of excess fat in jowls, under the chin, in the upper neck area and tighten up the loose skin of neck but still there are lots of things to know about the procedure and you should consult an experienced cosmetic surgeon for this purpose.

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