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Can I use Mesotherapy (Lipo-dissolve) as an alternative to liposuction?

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Mesotherapy and liposuction both the treatments are well known. Mesotherapy is the treatment that is used for various problems and is done through injectables. On the other hand liposuction is the surgical procedure that is used to remove fat on certain areas of body. A number of people often have a question that whether they can use Mesotherapy as an alternative of liposuction. Most of the people are unaware of this fact but it is good to know that Mesotherapy can be used as the alternate of liposuction and is known as lipo-dissolve. Here you will come to know how Mesotherapy – lipo-dissolve – is helpful for you as the alternate of liposuction.

Liposuction is quite famous procedure and nearly everyone is well aware of the benefits of this procedure. It is a surgical procedure in which small pockets of stubborn excess fat on certain areas of body are removed with the help of small cannula inserted in the skin through small incisions. Though small incisions are used for the procedure, it requires a week or ten days for recovery. As it is a surgical procedure, it also causes some temporary side effects like swelling and bruising.

If we consider Mesotherapy as an alternative of liposuction, most of all it is non-invasive and is quite beneficial also. Mesotherapy treatment is done for various conditions like hair loss, scars on the skin etc. The treatment is done by injecting artificial substances including serums, minerals and multivitamins that are suitable for that specific condition. This treatment is totally non-invasive and does not cause any harm. Mesotherapy treatment used as alternative of liposuction is given the name of lipo-dissolve because excess fat is removed by dissolving it using an ingredient called phosphatidylcholine – natural product found in human body.

The procedure of liposuction involves injecting the substance directly in the fat deposits. There, it breaks down and emulsifies the fat deposits. Then the dissolved fat is excreted through natural excretion methods mostly sweating. Phosphatidylcholine acts as a magnet and attracts water on one end and fat on the other. This way fat is emulsified and dissolves in the circulation from where it is excreted.

It is important to mention here that Mesotherapy – lipo-dissolve – is also an effective treatment for removal of cellulite while liposuction is not. Cellulite is the condition in which fat collects in small pockets just under the skin surface and creates dimply appearance on the skin. Mostly it occurs on the hips, thighs and buttocks.

Below given are some important facts associated with the procedure of lipo-dissolve that are important to know before you go for the procedure.

  • It uses naturally occurring substance causing minimum chances of any complication.
  • Mostly fat deposits on face, neck and knees are treated using this procedure.
  • The procedure can treat minimum area per session.
  • Aesthetic cream is used prior to procedure.
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