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Can I Have Liposuction on my Face?

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Liposuction on my Face

Liposuction that is a body contouring procedure and is performed for removal of excess fat on certain localized areas of body is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. Liposuction is effective for removal of fat on both substantial and small areas of body. Facial liposuction that is performed to remove fat on face and neck is also gaining popularity. However, most of the peoples are still concerned about the procedure and want to know whether having liposuction on face is effective and safe or not. If you are also planning to have liposuction on your face and you want to know about the procedure, you have landed on right place because here we will discuss important factors associated with the procedure of facial liposuction.

In general, liposuction on face is considered a dangerous and unsuccessful procedure. However, if you select a well trained and board certified plastic surgeon who selects appropriate technique for performing liposuction, there is no doubt that you will get highly successful and beneficial results. There are chances of uneven results as facial fat is entwined with important facial nerves. On the other hand, facial liposuction is an effective and highly beneficial procedure for those women who have discreet collection of fat beneath chin. This fat is easier to remove in young age.

Facial liposuction, when performed by highly experienced plastic surgeon, can provide you effective results but sometimes it can also end up with disappointed results. The main reason behind disappointing results is that the procedure involves use of cannula for removal of fat. Usually extremely small cannula is used in the procedure but no matter how small it is, it will cause scarring that may become prominent.

The procedure of facial liposuction involves injecting local anesthesia in the treatment area. After this, a thin hollow tube inserted through small incisions is used to break down the fat, which is later on removed using vacuum. In modern liposuction techniques, laser and ultrasound waves are used to liquefy fat that makes its removal easy. Which technique is suitable for you, your plastic surgeon will determine. Before going for this procedure, you must be aware of below given some important facts associated with it.

  • The procedure can be unpleasant

Though anesthetic is used to prevent any pain or discomfort during procedure, it may cause pain and discomfort as facial skin tissues are delicate. The skin tissues may get affected resulting in bleeding and burning.

  • You may not get desired results

It is not common but people having inelastic skin may not get desired results resulting in sagging skin. However, if you have elastic skin, the results of procedure will be smoother. Facial liposuction, in some cases, may also result in irregular shape affecting facial contours.

  • The procedure may cause reaction

For some patients, anesthesia injected in the skin may cause reaction and adverse affects.

  • Healing process can be discomforting

Healing process can be painful or discomforting for the patient but plastic surgeons prescribe medications to treat pain and discomfort during recovery period.

  • Side effects of procedure

Facial liposuction does not cause severe complications in most of the cases but it does cause certain level of swelling and bruising. Hematoma, bleeding and seroma are very rare complications associated with facial liposuction.

In short, there are certain side effects associated with facial liposuction but if you have selected an experienced plastic surgeon, it is safe to have liposuction on face.

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