C-Tucks: Genius Idea or a Scary Trend?

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Genius Idea or a Scary Trend

C-Tucks basically means undergoing both a caesarean and tummy tuck at the same time which means one surgery, one-time anesthetic administration and a single recovery period. It seems attractive. Women gain quite a lot of weight during pregnancy and they are eager to lose it right after the child birth.

A C-tuck is not a very common procedure but many women consider it a better and convenient idea to undergo both treatments at once.

How is a C-tuck Done?

The treatment includes a performance of both surgeries on the same day. Firstly, a C-section is performed. When a baby is born through a caesarean surgery. Your plastic surgeon would be there to perform a tummy tuck procedure. The excess skin and fat are removed from the abdomen and stitches are made. It may take up to one or two hours.

What Makes C-tuck a Great Idea?

The benefits of a C-tuck include;

  • You will undergo all the pain and discomfort at one time
  • You will not have to deal with nervousness of a separate surgery
  • You will get your pre-baby body back right after the delivery
  • There will be one recovery period for both caesarean and a tummy tuck
  • You will have to take off from work at once

What Makes C-tuck a Scary Trend?

A C-tuck procedure is not very popular. Very few women go for a C-tuck, here’s why;

  • It can be more painful
  • The recovery period will be lengthy and uncomfortable as compared to a tummy tuck
  • It is recommended that you undergo a tummy tuck when your weight is stable
  • The results of the C-tuck are not as effective as a simple tummy tuck
  • There are a lot of changes that a woman goes through during pregnancy period which is why it is recommended that you delay a tummy tuck surgery for few months after the delivery.

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