Buyers Beware – Avoiding Botched Cosmetic Surgery

Buyer Beware – Avoiding Botched Cosmetic Surgery

Everyone wants to look attractive and stay young these days. While natural beauty is a gift, not everyone is blessed with it. With age, beauty starts to fade away and all we are left with is wrinkled skin and saggy breasts. Fortunately, with the help of cosmetic surgery, the process of aging can be delayed. Moreover, if the treatment is done right it may last a long time. So, it is important to choose the best cosmetic surgeon in Dubai who is an expert in their field. This will save the patients from a botched cosmetic procedure. Besides, it saves money, time, and in some cases, even lives.

Look at it this way; would you go to an Orthopedic to fix your heart? Or go to a tailor to cut your hair just because he too has scissors? Any sensible person would not do this.

We have even seen Hollywood celebrities with badly done cosmetic procedures. Now, you need to ask yourself one question. If Hollywood stars can get it wrong, how are we, mere mortals, supposed to get it right? Well, worry not because we have compiled a list of dos and don’ts of getting cosmetic surgery. If you want to avoid a sub-standard cosmetic procedure and save your face, you need to follow the following instructions.

Steps to Avoid a Botched Cosmetic Surgery

  • Look at their previous work. When you visit a cosmetic surgeon who claims to have done certain procedures, insist on looking at his work. Request for a minimum of eight before and after photos of the procedure. In this way, you will know if he/she can do the procedure or if it is just lip service.
  • Ask for previous patients’ contact details. After the photos, request for contact details of some of his patients who have undergone your desired procedure. By talking to the other patients, you will develop trust in his capabilities. And anyway, what better way to advertise something other than word of mouth?
  • Do some investigative work. If you have met the cosmetic surgeon and you are still skeptical about him, you can easily investigate him. Check if he has any pending complaints by any former clients. You can also find out if he has been reported for malpractice in any country. The internet is a powerful tool, so use it to your benefit.
  • Don’t be fooled by degrees. Do not let the certifications, diplomas, and degrees covering his entire office wall fool you. We cannot stress this enough that you must always make sure he is board-certified. This information is usually available on the internet, as well. If he does not check out, forget the diploma mosaic on his office wall and find another cosmetic surgeon.
  • Be wary of cheap procedures. If one clinic is offering the same procedure for half price than the other clinic, run as fast as you can. Just remember that cheap is always expensive in the long run.
  • Check your comfort level. After the first, second, and third consultations, you should have developed a certain level of comfort with your cosmetic surgeon. However, if your hair still stands at the back of your neck, then it’s better to look for another surgeon. For the procedure to go well, you have to be comfortable around him/her. You should be able to voice your concerns otherwise it could end up going wrong.
  • Know your rights. If God forbid, something goes wrong, or the procedure is sub-standard, you should be aware of your rights. You should know if you can sue or report the surgeon or the entire clinic or hospital for that matter. More so, if you are having the procedure in a foreign country.
  • Finally, keep yourself educated. This will give you an idea of the procedure. Moreover, during the consultation, arm yourself with the right questions to easily find out if the surgeon is a quack.

Cowboy cosmetic surgeons can be found anywhere in the world. It is up to you to do your homework instead of rushing to them just because they are charging less. Always choose a board-certified surgeon for the procedure like the ones we have at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery®.