Buttock Augmentation Recovery Time

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Buttock Augmentation Recovery Time

Buttock Augmentation is usually performed to improve the shape, size, and contour of the buttocks. There are three different ways of doing it. Buttock implants, fat grafting and sometimes both.

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Recovery Time

It takes a long time to recover from the procedure. Buttock needs extreme care after the procedure, in order for it to work and avoid any complications.

Immediately after the treatment

After the recovery patient will have swelling and bruising in the area from where the fat cells have been harvested. The pain could be subsided with medications. Different patients recover differently from the treatment and can begin walking one to two days after the treatment. Walking and moving will help in constipation. By moving your body excess fluid will also be drained from the parts where the incision has occurred. If fluid had a little blood in it then don’t be alarmed by it as it is completely normal.

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First day to eight weeks after the procedure

When surgery is completed. The surgeon let the patient put on compression garments this will be done to treat the area where liposuction has been performed. It would be recommended by the doctor that the patient should wear the compression garments for a week so that the area from where fat is removed heals quickly. This will help in making the discomfort bearable. It will also help in minimizing the swelling and retracting the skin.

There is always cut on the rear end of compression garments in order to prevent it from destroying the fat grafts before they could fully merge with the body.

No sitting on your butt

The most important thing about the recovery is to not sit directly on your butt for eight weeks after the treatment. Patients are usually advised by their surgeon to sleep on their side or face down so that they could avoid putting pressure on their buttocks. If the patient had no other choice and want to sit then it is recommended by the doctor to use a doughnut pillow.

It would really help a lot if patient put the pillow behind their legs by doing this they could raise their buttocks. Sitting on the buttocks should be avoided because it is really important to put less pressure on the buttocks for a lasting result because sitting on the buttocks can really affect the blood circulation of that area. Reduction in blood circulation could destroy the transferred fat but it should be noted that 40% of the grafted fat might not survive whether the patient put pressure on the buttock or not.

Even eight weeks after recovery it will be important for the patient to avoid sitting on buttocks for prolonged periods without any cushion. It is also important that the patients should refrain from sleeping on their back during the first eight weeks of their recovery.

Going back to Normal

All type of heavy activities should be avoided closely after the surgery. However, after a month easier and more convenient activities like fast-paced walking can be done.

Recovery time varies for each patient but most of the patients are able to return to their daily routine seven to eight month after the treatment. After the fat has stabilized more strenuous activities such as jogging could be performed.

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