Buccal Fat Removal Techniques And Recovery Time


If there is excessive fat under your lower cheek part, then obviously you will be concerned about it because it becomes the cause of puffiness. Moreover, the fatty skin jawlines also hide the contours of your cheekbones. However, you don’t have to worry now because modern technology provides you with an effective surgical procedure that improves the look of your cheekbones and removes stubborn fat. We are talking about Buccal Fat Removal treatment which is quite popular because of its effectiveness. Once the procedure is completed, you will feel a significant change in your facial appearance.

Buccal Fat Removal

After a successful surgery of buccal fat removal, patients report a better sense of self-confidence and experience an enhancement in their self-esteem. Buccal fat removal is also known as Cheek Reduction Surgery and can be performed through liposuction as well. The goal of this surgery to remove all the buccal fat and contour the cheeks.

Therefore, today we will discuss the techniques and the recovery time involved in the treatment.

Techniques Used

Buccal fat removal surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. Just about an hour is required to complete it. You will be conscious during the surgery but will not feel any pain because of sedation. As the treatment proceeds, the surgeon will make a cut between the cheeks and the gums. As a result, the buccal fat pad will protrude through the incision due to the external pressure which is then removed with the help of surgical instruments. After wiping out the fat, the doctor will close the cut with stitches.

As mentioned earlier, liposuction can also be used to remove fat from the cheeks area but it results in scar formation and has a comparatively longer time period.

Recovery Time

After the surgery, you may experience pain and little discomfort but don’t worry because it will be reduced with the help of medications. You may also experience bruising and swelling which will take a few weeks to heal. You can go back to your daily routine 1 to 2 weeks after the treatment. It might take up to 3 months after the surgery to completely gain the outcomes of the procedure because swelling and healing take some time.

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You will read about a number of tips and treatments on the internet to boost your aesthetic conditions. However, you should know that all of these methods are not effective. You should be very careful while using anything in this regard because it is a matter of your skin. The treatment of buccal fat removal is recommended to get long-lasting results. The procedure is effective as well as safe. The results will become visible after the bruising and swelling go away. After the surgery, you will get an improved look, specially contoured jawlines and cheekbones. The procedure will not leave any visible scars on your face.

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