How Buccal Fat Removal Can Give You the Celebrity Face

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How Buccal Fat Removal Can Give You the Celebrity Face

Ever wondered how some celebrities have that perfect face which is always radiant and has a nice shape to it? That is because some of them have undergone the Buccal fat pad removal also known as the buccal lipectomy. Some people do not like having chubby cheeks or their faces to look full and they prefer having a slimmer face. This is where Buccal fat removal comes in.

Buccal fat removal also known as buccal lipectomy or cheek fat removal is the surgical procedure of the removal of excessive fat from the cheeks so as to create a more contoured face. This results in a more symmetrical ad sculpted facial appearance. There are no visible scars as the procedure is performed from inside the mouth.

The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for a buccal fat removal should be a person;

  • Who has convex cheek appearance
  • Who has sunken cheeks under the cheekbones and has prominent high cheekbones
  • With chubby cheeks and wants to reduce the chubbiness
  • Who would want to rejuvenate the overall appearance of their face
  • Who is a non-smoker
  • Who is physically heathy
  • With realistic expectations
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Always make sure to ask the surgeon as many questions as necessary before the procedure.

Buccal fat removal can be performed alone or alongside other facial rejuvenation procedures such as; chin augmentation, facelift, neck lift, blepharoplasty and mid-facelift.

When done alone the procedure takes about 30-60 minutes but it can take more depending on which other procedure you would want to be done alongside it. The results vary depending on the individual. Since it is an outpatient procedure patients can return home on the same day so as to start the recovery process.

Recovery from Buccal lipectomy

After the procedure there may be facial swelling but this goes down after about two to three weeks. When the swelling has gone down the cheeks begin to take shape by looking more contoured. The patient needs to maintain a semi-liquid diet post procedure during the recovery time for about seven to fourteen days. This is because the tissues inside the mouth would also be healing. Remember that the procedure is done from inside the mouth.

After the surgery you will be given special mouth rinses to minimize the risk of infection and instructed on the liquid diet. You will also be instructed on;

  • How you will take care of the surgical site
  • The medications that you will take orally to aid in the healing process
  • What to look out for on the surgical site and on your own general health
  • How often to follow up with your plastic surgeon

The optimal results will take a few weeks to show up.

Benefits of Buccal Fat Removal

  • The facial appearance is enhanced
  • Facial contours are improved
  • The cheeks are more defined
  • A rejuvenated facial shape
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Always make sure that the surgeon is qualified, licenced, has a good track record and answers all your questions to your satisfaction.

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