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Broken nose can be corrected by a non-surgical procedure known as closed reduction but in case of multiple breaks, severe breaks or the breaks that have not been treated for more than two weeks, nose surgery is the option. The surgery includes realigning of bones and cartilage to reshape nose and correcting the damaged nasal septum that may also cause breathing problems. Broken nose surgery is performed on outpatient basis but it is a complex and invasive procedure and requires time for complete recovery. Here you will know about the recovery period and after care for nose surgery.

After nose surgery, you will have to stay at home for few days till most of the discomfort, swelling and bruising subsides. During initial healing process, external splint is used to keep the bones and cartilage in shape. Packing and wearing drip pad is also required. Swelling and bruising are the most common side effects of nose surgery and swelling requires few months and sometimes even up an year to subside completely. Generally, most of the side effects subside in few days after surgery.

Just after the surgery, you will feel more discomfort and pain. You will experience visible swelling around your eyes and nose. Some patients also experience discoloration of eyes. You may also feel discomfort and itching inside the nose. Some patients feel pain in the nose while some feel as needles are pricking. Bruising and swelling become worse for few days after surgery but should be gone within two weeks. Cold compresses or ice packs are effective for minimizing swelling.

You may also experience bleeding in the nose that is normal but if it becomes frequent, you should consider plastic surgeon for advice. To avoid any risks or severe side effects, you need to follow below given tips.

  • For first few days of recovery, stay in bed and keep your head in elevated position.
  • Avoid exercise, any strenuous activity and even bending or lifting for about two weeks after surgery.
  • Avoid wearing glasses for few days.
  • Avoid sun exposure for nearly six to eight months or apply sunscreens before going in the sun. This will help you avoid scarring.
  • Some plastic surgeons also recommend avoiding blowing nose or sneezing for first few weeks of recovery because it can damage internal nose tissue.
  • Take pain medications and other prescriptions regularly.
  • Increase fluid intake.
  • Quit smoking for at least two weeks after surgery.

When you can get back to your normal routine or work?

Though the recovery time varies from patient to patient, generally most of the patients can go back to work after one or two weeks. Getting back to normal activities can take several weeks.

If you are ready to have nose surgery, book an appointment for free consultation with our plastic surgeons today. You can also have free online consultation by filling in the consultation form given on the website if you want to know more about the procedure.

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