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Breastfeeding and Breast Augmentation: How They Affect One Another

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Breastfeeding and Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is the most frequently performed cosmetic procedure. There are millions of women who undergo this procedure and get highly successful results but on the other hand, it is also fact that whenever you consider undergoing some kind of surgery; lots of questions come in your mind. If we consider breast augmentation, the most common question that a number of women have in their minds is how breast augmentation affects breastfeeding.

Breast augmentation is done by placing implants in the breasts and for this purpose incisions are made. Making incisions and placement of a foreign body in the breasts may cause complications or affect your ability of breastfeeding. There are various factors associated with the procedure that can affect your breast feeding ability.

Let’s know how the techniques used for the procedure can affect breastfeeding. The techniques used for the procedure vary depending on the sites used for making incisions. Most commonly, incision is made around the areola (dark area around the nipples). This method can affect the ability of breastfeeding by damaging the nerves. This may also cause a decrease or complete loss of sensation in your nipples and areola. Besides these sites, other sites where incisions are made include armpits and belly button. Making incisions in these sites prevent the damage to the nerves, milk ducts and glands.

The area where breast implants are placed may also affect the ability of breastfeeding. Breast implants can be inserted either between breast tissues and pectoral muscles or beneath the pectoral muscles. Insertion of breast implants between breast tissues and muscles may affect your ability of breastfeeding while their placement under pectoral muscles does not as this prevent damage to the milk ducts and nerves. This method also decreases the risk of damage to the breast tissues.

In short, breast augmentation may affect the ability of breastfeeding but not in all the cases. If you select an experienced and board certified plastic surgeon and right technique and site for incision for the procedure, you will get successful results with any affect on your ability of breastfeeding. However, most of the cosmetic surgeons suggest undergoing breast augmentation after you have finished nursing your last child.

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