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Breast uplift surgery

Breasts are an important feature of women’s body but with aging changes that make them unattractive occur in their appearance. Even if you have firmer breasts, they will become sagging with the passage of time. The factors that can affect their appearance include aging, breastfeeding and excess weight gain or weight loss. Whatever the factors are, the main thing is that women who have pendulous breasts want to get them improved.

Fortunately, cosmetic surgery offers solution to their problem. breast uplift surgery is the cosmetic surgery that is specially designed to provide solution to uneven and sagging breasts, drooping nipples and stretched areola recreating the youthful shape of breasts making them lifted and firmer. If your breasts are too small or too large, the procedure can be performed in combination with breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery to increase or decrease their size improving the results. Every year thousands and thousands of women undergo the procedure of breast lift surgery and become satisfied with the results of surgery as they become successful in achieving their goal and experience no major problem.

The main causes behind sagginess of breasts are aging, weight loss and breastfeeding. The sagginess has nothing to do with ligaments rather its weight of breasts and skin elasticity that cause sagginess. The severity of breast sagging can be determined by evaluating the position of nipple relative to natural breast crease. If the nipples of your breasts are at the level of breast fold or are below it then you need breast lift surgery. Women who have sagging breasts and good general health may be the candidates for procedure though your plastic surgeon determines your candidacy after examination.

Some temporary side effects and scarring are associated with breast uplift surgery but it gives highly effective results. However, you can minimize scarring by selecting the technique that requires minimum and well hidden incisions. Scars will be visible after the surgery but with the passage of time, they will fade. When it comes to the pain or discomfort associated with procedure, you can minimize it by following the prescriptions and instructions from your surgeon.

The procedure of breast lift surgery in invasive and is performed under general anesthesia. It can be done using variety of incision patterns and the best appropriate technique is determined based on certain factors including breast shape and size, size and position of areolas, degree of sagginess, skin elasticity and amount of extra skin.

If we talk about procedural steps, the first step is administration of anesthesia and after the anesthesia has taken affect, incisions are made. The incisions can be made around the areola, around the areola and vertically down to breast crease and around the areola, vertically down and along the breast crease. After making incisions, following changes are done in the breasts.

  • The underlying breast tissue are reshaped and lifted.
  • The nipple and areola are repositioned.
  • The size of areolas is reduced – if required.
  • Extra breast skin is removed.

After making these changes, incisions are closed with sutures.

As the result of above given procedural steps, you will get more youthful, firmer and perkier breasts.

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