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Breast Reduction Surgery Guide

Large breast problem is faced by both men and women. It is possible to reduce breasts with the help of breast reduction surgery. The procedure to reduce breasts in women is different than that of the breast reduction procedure in men. If your breasts are too large for your body and you feel uncomfortable about them; your breast cause chronic neck, back, or shoulder pain; you have elastic skin; you have a good general health and are not suffering from any serious health condition; you are not a smoker; you have realistic expectations with the outcomes of the surgery, then you are a perfect candidate for breast reduction surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery aims at reducing the size of breasts to make them proportional to the size of the body frame. Breast reduction surgery also reduces the size of the areola. It also creates firmer and perkier breasts. Different surgical techniques are used in breast reduction surgery. Liposuction is generally used in a minor reduction surgery. Circular Pattern Technique, Anchor Pattern Technique, and Vertical Incision or Lollipop Pattern Techniques are used in breast reduction surgery. The cost of the procedure varies from person to person. The patient needs to take care of pre-op and post-op instruction of the surgeon.

Breast Reduction in Dubai

There are some clinics that offer breast reduction surgery in different states in the UAE. Most of the clinics that offer breast reduction surgery are based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is one of the leading plastic surgery houses in the Kingdom. With a presence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, Dubai Cosmetic Surgery has a proven track record of offering cutting-edge solutions in plastic surgery. Breast reduction surgery is one of our regular treatment opted by masses. Breast reduction surgery in Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is characterized by the world-class solutions coupled with world-class surgery team.

Free Consultation

If you are interested in breast reduction surgery, you should consult with a breast reconstruction surgery expert. Consulting with an expert is important because only an expert can suggest you the best treatment. That is why Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is offering a free consultation to our all surgery candidates. So if you are interested in any of our surgery, do not forget to sign up to have a personalized consultation with one of our surgery experts.

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