Breast Reduction Surgery Guide

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Breast Reduction Surgery Guide

Breasts are a major part of a physical appearance, especially in women. Generally larger breasts are preferred over smaller ones as they enhance the appearance. A lot of women have them but, at times, they come at a price. A larger bosom looks great but it can add extra pressure on the back. Finding the cloths with the right fitting is near an impossible task. The skin also suffers as the bra straps often get sunk into it under pressure. Larger boobs can also lead to chronic back, shoulder and neck pain. Men too can have ill effects of larger breasts.

The problem often stems from sagging breasts, menstruation, breastfeeding, and infections, among other reasons. To correct this problem, breast reduction surgery is the perfect option. The procedure is quite common and is helping a lot of women. Let’s learn more about the procedure.

Breast Reduction Procedures

Breast reduction can be done in a variety of manner based on the needs of the given individual. Some women want to correct oversized areola. Others may want to have smaller breasts. In the case of the former, the surgeon will correct the size of the areola and its shape through a surgical procedure. A few incisions and corrections are made and the total procedure takes less than an hour. A few days to fully recover from the procedure.

To reduce the size of the breasts themselves, there are multiple options available. In minor reduction, liposuction can be used to correct the problem. In the case of extensive reduction requirements, mammoplasty is the go-to procedure. It is a surgery that removes the excess tissue from the breasts to reduce their size. The procedure is performed in a manner to not only reduce the size but also give the breasts a normal shape.

Pre and post-procedure care

It is important to follow the pre and post-procedure care recommended by the doctor. First and foremost, the person getting the surgery should be in good health and not suffering from any kind of major illness. Smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided for several weeks leading to the procedure. Blood-thinning medications and certain vitamins should also be avoided for a few days prior to the surgery.

After the treatment, getting rest is important. There will be swelling and redness that will go away after some time. The doctor will prescribe certain medications that must be taken as per instructions. You would also likely need to wear compression layers for a few days to help the healing process. Do not lift any kind of weight for several weeks after the surgery. Be sure to follow all instructions by your surgeon to the letter to recover at the earliest.

The procedure is worthwhile as it alleviates a lot of discomforts and you can feel yourself again. The daily pain and struggles go away after the surgery and you can enjoy things life a lot more than before.

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