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Breast Reconstruction – Myths and Facts

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Breast Reconstruction – Myths and Facts

Have you undergone mastectomy? Are you planning to have breast reconstruction surgery but the myths associated with the procedure are putting you off from your decision? If your answer is yes, you have landed in the right place. Here we will discuss some common breast reconstruction myths along with the facts that may be keeping you from the procedure.

Myth: You can get breast reconstruction only immediately after mastectomy.

Fact: The fact is that you can undergo breast reconstruction immediately after mastectomy but there is no fixed time. The procedure can be performed months or even years after breast cancer surgery. When it comes to experts’ opinion, the surgeons recommend having the procedure after complete healing and recovery from mastectomy. However, as stated above it solely depends on patient’s discretion when she wants to get her breasts reconstructed.

Myth: Breast reconstruction can be done with breast implants only.

Fact: Although majority of breast reconstruction surgeries involve placement of saline or silicone breast implants, it is not a hard and fast rule. Implants are not the only method to reconstruct the breasts. The procedure can also be done using tissue flap method. The procedure involves taking skin and tissues from other areas of body, mostly abdomen, thighs and back and using them for creating natural looking breasts.

Myth: Breast reconstruction surgery is not a safe procedure.

Fact: Any surgical procedure has potential side effects and complications and breast reconstruction is no exception, but at the same time it is not justified to call it an unsafe procedure. Most of the women undergo breast reconstruction safely and successfully without any complications and risks. However safety and success of surgery greatly depends on the surgical skills of the doctor and post-op care by the patient.

Myth: Breast reconstruction surgery does not give natural looking results.

Fact: Whether the procedure will provide you natural looking results or not? The answer depends on the surgical as well as aesthetic skills of the surgeon performing the surgery. Highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeons are well-aware of all the techniques and methods that can be employed to make the outcomes natural looking and meet the expectations and requirements of the patient. So, you can get natural looking and attractive results from breast reconstruction surgery by choosing the right surgeon.

Myth: Breast reconstruction makes cancer detection hard.

Fact: There is no evidence that shows breast reconstruction has any impact on cancer detection. There are several factors that can cause cancer recurrence, such as the stage of cancer. But in any case, reconstruction surgery will not affect screening. Nevertheless, it is important to discuss the type of exams and screenings because they vary depending on the method and technique used for breast reconstruction.

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