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BRA (Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day) is a creative program that is initiated to promote awareness and education to the women regarding post-mastectomy breast reduction. The event is specifically settled by the authorities for providing benefits to the women. Expert plastic surgeons lead this event and answer the queries related to this issue.

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Opportunities For Women

Following opportunities are provided to the women with the help of this event.

  • Learn about the available options for breast reconstruction. Plastic surgeons provide this information to them.
  • Know about real patient stories. Get to know their experience and also get the chance to make contact with them to know further.
  • Get answers to all of their queries in this regard.
  • Make realistic prospects of achievement that are possible through the treatment.

There is the possibility that breast reconstruction is not the accurate option for every woman, but it is the right of every woman to know about what is right for her, what can make her more confident, get access to that procedure, and authority to make a decision about her life.

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The event of BRA (Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day) held in all over the Canada in the month of October. The important aspects of this event include presentations, show & tell lounge, education tables, plastic surgeons, and exhibitor area. Have a look at details of these aspects!

  • Presentations are provided by the plastic surgeons in which different choices for breast reconstruction are discussed efficiently. Also, women, who have gone through this procedure, can share their views.
  • Show & Tell Lounge is the area where women can observe what is achievable for them after getting breast reconstruction treatment. This space is restricted only for women and it offers the safe environment where women can show and share their experiences to one another.
  • Education tables are hosted by the women, who have adopted this procedure, and the specialists. They are available to answer any of the questions that are related to medical or concerned by a patient.
  • Plastic Surgeons are available throughout the day to explain the options of breast reconstruction techniques. In addition to this, they asked all attendees to feel free to ask any question to them.
  • Exhibitor area is specifically for the people to learn about the services and products that are provided by the non-profit companies and retailers to help women in this journey.

breast reconstruction

How Bra Day Helps Women?

According to a survey;

  • 96% if the women have found this information useful.
  • 97% of the women were successful to develop a better understanding in this regard by attending this event. Specifically, show & tell lounge helped them a lot.
  • 85% of the women got an understanding about the available options for breast reconstruction. It helped them to make a decision about their life.
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Viewpoint of Attendees About Bra Day

All of the attendees said they have found this event wonderful and informative. They have got realistic information regarding breast cancer and reconstructive treatment. The initiative is appreciated by women from all over the world. They also described that they have got realistic information that helped them to make a valuable decision.

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